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What do you need to know when changing your refrigerator?


The end of the year is around the corner and, with it, an intense shopping period. 

From Black Friday to Christmas, it’s time to plan the list and take the opportunities, and this period can be the ideal time to purchase a new refrigerator.

Connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the refrigerator is essential for preserving food, beverages, and perishable products; at the same time, it is responsible for around 15% of a house’s electricity consumption, according to the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Status Report .

In general, newer models feature more economical and sustainable technologies. Check out how refrigerators have evolved and learn how to find the best model.

Inverter technology 

One of the first points to consider when buying is whether the refrigerator is equipped with an “inverter” compressor. The inverter compressor works continuously and keeps the temperature level stable, according to the programming made by the user. Traditional models (on-off) turn on and off during operation, which causes consumption peaks and, consequently, consumes more energy.

The inverter system uses up to 40% less energy, so the monthly savings on the electricity bill offsets the price difference at the purchase. 


In Europe, for some years now, home refrigerators have already stopped using chemically produced refrigerants and started using natural refrigerants in their refrigeration systems, which are gasses that guarantee excellent performance, with global warming potential close to zero (and also not harming the ozone layer, responsible for filtering harmful rays that come from the sun). Current compressors are also smaller than previous ones and use less raw material in their manufacturing process, which makes them more environmentally sustainable.

Less noise

Inverter compressors adapt their operation according to the refrigerator’s needs, working at lower rotations for the majority of time, which contributes to a quieter and more pleasant environment for the house residents.

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