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Household solutions for residential refrigerators, freezers and mini-fridges, through a robust portfolio of hermetic compressors for both fixed and variable speed technologies.

ES Series(3 - 8cc)

A brand new platform and focused on natural refrigerant usage, the ES family is the smallest fixed speed compressor with high-tech and high efficiency levels in the market.

EG Series(5 - 15cc)

EG-Series is ideal for household refrigeration and presents a modern design range with four levels of efficiency (standard, medium, high and very high). The compressors in this series have low noise and vibration levels, and are also suitable for some medium-sized commercial applications.

EM Series(3 - 12cc)

EM-Series is the best selling compressors in the world and is deal for household refrigeration and also for small commercial applications. Compact, the product has low noise and vibration reaching the highest efficiency levels available in the market for this category.

FMS Series(4 - 11cc)

New compressor with Inverter technology (variable speed) that achieve a wide range of cooling capacity and efficiency. Provides better food preservation, low noise and brings advantages when developing applications with limited internal space. It’s designed to use natural refrigerant R600a (isobutane).

FMX Series(4 - 9cc)

The latest generation of solutions with Inverter technology (variable speed) for ice cream cabinets with extremely high built-in energy efficiency. It provides better food preservation, low noise and wide voltage range. Compact, it brings advantages when developing applications with limited internal space and is designed to use natural refrigerant R600a (isobutane). The solution ensures accurate and consistent temperatures to safeguard sensitive products, such as Medical appliances.

VES Series(3 - 13cc)

VES-Series offers up to 45% more efficient in comparison to conventional compressors. It has low noise and vibration levels, and guarantees better food preservation through intelligent electronics which control the cabinet’s internal temperature.

VEG Series(6- 11cc)

VEG-Series provides the best performance in the refrigerator with the advantage of reducing energy consumption. Embraco offers Inverter compressors (variable speed) with up to 40% more efficiency in comparison to conventional products. VEG is much quieter than conventional compressors and it’s ideal for household refrigeration ensuring better food preservation with more stable temperatures inside the refrigerator.

VEM Series(3 - 11cc)

VEM-Series are low-noise, high-efficiency and its Inverter technology (variable speed) provides precise temperature control. Ideal for household refrigerators and freezers, the product is based on the high-tech EM compressor.

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