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Replacement parts to distributors, retailers, installers and contractors – professionals who perform equipment maintenance in homes and commercial establishments.

EM Series(3 - 12cc)

EM-Series is the best selling compressors in the world and is ideal for household refrigeration and also for small commercial applications. Compact, the product has low noise and vibration reaching the highest efficiency levels available in the market for this category.

EG Series(5 - 15cc)

EG-Series is ideal for household refrigeration and presents a modern design range with four levels of efficiency (standard, medium, high and very high). The compressors in this series have low noise and vibration levels, and are also suitable for some medium-sized commercial applications.

F Series(6 - 13cc)

F-Series has an extended application range. Compressors in the F family are the most robust, efficient and are designed to work in severe conditions. Ideal for commercial applications in conditions that require frequent starts.

NE Series(5 - 19cc)

NE-Series has two efficiency levels and is designed especially for commercial use. Compatible with variable speed technology, VNEK version, it offers models that are also available in high or low starting torque models.

NT Series(13 - 28cc)

NT-Series was developed to address the increasing demand for lower energy consumption and lower noise levels for commercial refrigeration equipment. The increased displacement of up to 27.8 cc offers even greater benefits with regard to efficiency, noise, size and cost, when compared to the larger platforms with equivalent displacement.

NJ Series(21 - 38cc)

NJ-Series, designed for commercial refrigeration, offers the lowest noise levels in its category. Equipped with an electric motor with internal protection, the series features versions with forced cooling and a low or high starting torque, ideal for refrigerated-counter coolers for professional kitchens and cold rooms.

FMF Series(6 - 15cc)

FMF-Series is the most efficient for light commercial applications, such as medium and low temperature reach-ins, as well as supermarket islands. This line-up employs Inverter technology (variable speed), which provides better temperature control, reducing energy consumption. It enables the compressor to run at a broader range of speeds resulting in lower noise and vibration compared to standard solutions and works with R290 (natural refrigerant), which has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP).

VES Series(3 - 13cc)

VES-Series offers up to 45% more efficiency in comparison to conventional compressors. It has low noise and vibration levels, and guarantees better food preservation through intelligent electronics which control the cabinet’s internal temperature.

VNE Series(6 - 17cc)

VNE-Series is ideal for large commercial equipment such as vertical ice cream freezers, supermarkets and medical applications. The product has lower noise in comparison to conventional compressors, is very robust due to a high starting torque as well as approved for multiple refrigerants: R404A, R134A and R290.

VEG Series(6- 11cc)

VEG-Series provides the best performance in the refrigerator with the advantage of reducing energy consumption. Embraco offers Inverter compressors (variable speed) with up to 40% more efficiency in comparison to conventional products. VEG is much quieter than conventional compressors and it’s ideal for household refrigeration ensuring better food preservation with more stable temperatures inside the refrigerator.

VEM Series(3 - 11cc)

VEM-Series are low-noise, high-efficiency and its Inverter technology (variable speed) provides precise temperature control. Ideal for household refrigerators and freezers, the product is based on the high-tech EM compressor.

Cooling Solutions

Embraco offers a wide range of cooling solutions with the best components for commercial applications that are reducing time for installation and providing easy maintenance.


For Embraco Falcon condensing units, from 2 to 6hp, tube x fin condensers with copper tubes were available as a standard, even for those of smaller capacity. This ensures an outstanding capacity due to the thermal conductivity of the copper and greater safety for the product due to the anti-corrosive resistance. Falcon uses R22 gas.


biA condensing unit for cold rooms with new silent features, meeting environment requirements, with innovative design and easy maintenance. Designed for outdoor applications, such as gas stations, restaurants, fast food (food service) and convenience stores (food retail). It’s available in medium temperatures (MBP) up to 10kw and low temperature applications (LBP) up to 4kw, appropriate for the latest refrigerants with low GWP solutions (R449A, R452A, R513A). With its stackable design, the unit stands out for accessibility, serviceability and compactness.

Plug n’ Cool

It's a complete self-contained solution designed for reach-in applications in food retail, which reduces the store’s energy consumption with refrigeration by more than 30%, while complying with the legislation for natural refrigerant usage. Embraco developed a simplified installation process with the Plug n' Cool modular concept. Its innovative design improves the experience for both customers as well as the food retail chain, by increasing the flexibility of the store’s architecture. The hallmark feature of this particular cooling solution is that it provides a “plug and play” refrigeration option that accelerates the installation process by 70%, and can replace the traditional machine room, avoiding refrigerant leakage and saving space in the cabinet and store. The solution also delivers energy savings and significant positive effects on the environment because it uses the R290, a natural refrigerant, while contributing to a high cost-efficiency ratio – a win-win scenario for the entire refrigeration chain.

Sliding Unit

Suitable for all applications and available in a complete range of sizes, this condensing unit is the best solution for outdoor applications, such as restaurants (food service), bakeries, butcheries (food retail). It simplifies stackability and allows easy maintenance for cold rooms, as well as the usage of low GWP refrigerants, delivering high efficiency and reliability. Its longitudinal air flow allows for maximum performance optimization and compactness as it can be installed directly on the wall. Its screwless access reduces maintenance time and brings ease to access the unit’s internal parts.

Plug In

As a complete solution, it reduces the complexity and allows faster installation. The Plug In is ideal for three door reach-in equipment.

Condensing Units

Full range portfolio from 0.1KW to 5KW, these standard condensing units are suitable for all applications. Main features include high efficiency and reliability compliant with the latest ECODESIGN regulations and HFC bans. The portfolio also presents a range of options in R290 for natural refrigerant early adopters. All units count on Embraco’s latest compressor technologies including the newest developments such as EMX, NJX and the Scroll range.

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