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Nidec Global Appliance to showcase selected compressors and motors for home appliances at AWE 2024


The company will highlight the  technology, energy efficiency, compact size and low noise of Embraco and Nidec product brands 


Shanghai, China, March, 2024. Positioned as a strategic local partner for China industries through an innovative and competitive portfolio for household and commercial appliances, Nidec Global Appliance will bring to the AWE2024 trade show, held in Shanghai on March 14-17, a  selected set of Embraco refrigeration solutions and Nidec motors for home appliances. The strategy aims to strengthen its place as a leading supplier in China, with initiatives regarding products, footprint, procurement, and operations.


“Nidec Global Appliance has strong investments in China to reinforce its strategy to be  a single trusted  partner,” states  Alberto Casnati, Nidec Global Appliance Chief Strategy Officer. “We want to underline that we are partners not only for innovation but also to make our customers’ businesses grow”, he adds.  In May, the company will launch a new industrial park in the Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Area (SCODA), accommodating its motors and electronics factories, which will allow it to increase production capacity. 


At the AWE 2024 trade show, Nidec Global Appliance will present  solutions such as compressors for residential and commercial refrigeration, motors for washers, dryers, dishwashers and gas blowers,  as well as electronic components. They have as main attributes top energy-efficiency, robustness, competitiveness and flexibility. 


Portfolio for Refrigeration


The compressors for residential refrigeration that will be presented by Nidec Global Appliance at AWE are Embraco brand’s benchmarks in miniaturization, low noise and energy efficiency. Visitors will see VESH generation 4, which brings further improvement of efficiency and noisedeveloped for  premium applications; VEX, which   delivers high cooling capacity with  low noise at a competitive price; and FMH, the most compact platform in the portfolio that will take variable speed technology competitiveness to a new level. All the models that will be showcased operate with natural refrigerants, adding energy efficiency while reducing to close to zero the impact on global warming (GWP – global warming potential).


Nidec Global Appliance’s booth will also have  a section for commercial refrigeration with the variable speed compressors VEMT and FMX as well as the fixed speed models EL, NE and NT. They are developed mainly for food service and food retail  applications such as merchandisers, bottle coolers, under counters, ice cream cabinets and professional kitchens’ refrigeration appliances. The VEMT, FMX and NE are models already produced in China and the NT is going to have its production in the country starting this year, as part of our investments plan in China. 


Portfolio of motors for washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers


Nidec Global Appliance will also bring its best seller families of Nidec motors for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, all known for their energy efficiency, silent operation, customized designs, and integration of electronic drives. 


For front-load washers, customers will see the new HAW BPM Generation 1.5 Plus, a competitive and low noise motor, and the latest generation of the DD motors, a versatile model able to meet the requirements of different markets worldwide. In addition, the booth will present DDM motors, a premium solution for top load washers, as well as the HAW BPM Gen3, for front-load washers, which complies with the high levels of European standards for energy efficiency and noise. 


For dryers, there will be the competitive and efficient DR BPM Gen2 which enables flexible drying cycles; the robust and classic PSC and Split Phase motors that power millions of dryers all over the world. For dishwashers, the DW BPM Gen2 motor pump is available featuring modular alternatives, such as the integration of electronics and heater in different compact sizes (85 and 100mm). 


The gas blower GB BPM motor, with integrated electronics for precise flow control in low-noise applications, will be presented, as well as a lineup of motors for food service, with the PSC motor-pump for dishwashers and the PSC motor for conventional and combi ovens.


In addition, the booth will display a lineup of electronic solutions that serve the domestic segment, such as inverters for motors and compressors and integrated control boards, which are the result of more than 20 years of expertise to optimize the application’s performance  and our customers’ total cost of ownership.


The Appliances and Electronics Expo (AWE 2024) will take place at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, one of the world’s biggest home appliances and consumer electronics trade shows. Nidec Global Appliance, with products of the  brands Embraco and Nidec, will be there at booth number W2 2H71. 


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