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Nidec Global Appliance promotes opening ceremony in its Fürstenfeld production site


The manufacturing plant was acquired on June 1st from Secop Austria, after the approval by the European Commission

June 19th – Nidec Global Appliance, a division of Nidec Corporation, promoted on June 19th an opening ceremony of its news production site in Fürstenfeld, Austria. The plant was acquired from Secop Austria in the beginning of this month, after obtaining approval from the European Commission. The transaction, which started in 2019, included the operations related to the development, manufacturing and sales of Delta compressors, executed in the site.

With 14 manufacturing plants worldwide, Nidec Global Appliance is a global provider of solutions for home and commercial appliances industries. The incorporation of Delta line enhances the existing portfolio of fixed and variable speed compressors, with the objective to further develop its competitive position, combined with Embraco’s strong presence in the refrigeration market.

“I am sure that the integration of expertises and the synergies between Fürstenfeld and the whole Nidec Global Appliance are going to be of great value for our organization, offering benefits to the market we serve”, states Valter Taranzano, CEO of Nidec Global Appliance. The ceremony counted with the presence of local authorities and partners. “Delta compressors have characteristics that add to our body of knowledge and the production site has an advanced manufacturing technology”, adds the CEO.

Fürstenfeld Manufacturing Plant and R&D Center

Founded in 1982, the site was originally called Verdichter Oe. In 2003, the business was sold to ACC Group, which introduced the Delta line in 2011. Known for its innovative background, Fürstenfeld has grown as a product and process technology competence center, running highly automated production lines. 

In addition to the manufacturing of Delta compressors for refrigerators, the site also produces motors for other home appliances, such as washing machines, dishwashers and dryers. The annual production capacity is around  2 million Delta compressors and 1.7 million motors. 

The site has around 95 Nidec Global Appliance employees focused on the production line of compressors and motors. In addition to that, there are around 90 employees that are currently shared with Secop and 150 employees that are fully Secop. 

Delta Compressors

This hermetic compressor for household refrigeration won several awards due to its compact design and high efficiency capabilities, with fixed and variable speed variants available. It is so compact that it weighs under 4 Kg, reducing shipping and storage costs. The design also allows a low mechanical friction loss and a greater thermodynamic process control.


Delta compressor produced on Fürstenfeld, Austria.


About Nidec Global Appliance

With over 17,000 employees across 9 countries, Nidec Global Appliance manufactures and commercializes components for home and commercial applications, including cooling solutions, motors for washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, as well as components for heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (HVAC&R). Its focus is to deliver a complete and innovative portfolio with high standards of quality, reliability, competitiveness and energy efficiency. The division is part of Nidec Corporation, a global leader in motors and components, with headquarters in Japan. Further information:

About Nidec Corporation

Parent company Nidec Corporation was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1973 by its Chairman and CEO Shigenobu Nagamori. In 1979, Nidec became the first company in the world to successfully commercialize a direct drive spindle motor for HDDs based on a brushless DC motor. Since then, the company has grown into a world-leading comprehensive motor manufacturer encompassing more than 300 subsidiaries employing over 100,000 people throughout the world and with annual sales exceeding $13B. Nidec’s motors, drives, generators and related products are found in a diverse range of applications including computers, smartphones, home appliances, automobiles, manufacturing plants, robots and more.

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