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Nidec Global Appliance attends “Invest in Austria” with selected companies and the Federal Government


The event was held in the Schönbrunn Palace, in Vienna, and the company was represented by one of Nidec Corporation’s senior vice-presidents, Valter Taranzano

AUSTRIA, February 2023 – On February 15th, Nidec Global Appliance was present in an exclusive event for selected CEOs of leading international companies at the Schönbrunn Palace, in Vienna. On the occasion,  a variety of topics connected to the country’s economic interests were discussed, such as innovation, investments, labor market, economic policies, taxes, digitalisation, climate action, energy and transformation. The company was represented by Valter Taranzano, Senior Vice President of Nidec Corporation and CEO & President of Nidec Appliances, Commercial & Industrial Motors (ACIM) business unit, of which Nidec Global Appliance is one of three business platforms, and Katia Drusian, ACIM’s Chief Financial Officer. 

With a compressors and motors’ components manufacturing unit and a Research and Development center in Fürstenfeld, in the Styria region, Nidec Global Appliance has a plan to invest over 50 million euros in its Austrian facilities throughout the next 5 years, counting on the Austrian government’s financial support for the project. The unit has an annual production capacity of 4 million refrigeration compressors, and components for 2 million motors for washing machines.

The event was a great opportunity to interact with other companies while having the chance to strengthen our relationship with the Federal Government, who is an important partner for us to leverage Nidec Global Appliance Austria as an even more relevant innovation hub for the company and the country. Having their support is undoubtedly a key element to bring our plans into reality”, states Valter Taranzano.

Valter Taranzano, Senior Vice President of Nidec Corporation and CEO & President of Nidec Appliances, Commercial & Industrial Motors (ACIM)

Nidec Global Appliance’s investment plan for Fürstenfeld includes new research and development projects, and improvements in its R&D Center and production lines. The research projects have energy efficiency and improvements in electronics as their main targets. 

The event had the presence of Austria’s Federal Chancellor, Karl Nehammer, Vice-Chancellor, Werner Kogler, the Federal Minister of Labour and Economy, Martin Kocher, Federal Minister of Finance, Magnus Brunner, Federal Minister for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Leonore Grewessler, Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research, Martin Polaschek, as well as State Secretary for Tourism, Susanne Kraus-Winkler, and State Secretary for Digitalisation, Florian Tursky.

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