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Embraco raises the bar of the refrigeration industry by launching its integrated solutions



The new electronic components arrive on the market with the Sync it All label, offering  synchronization, optimization and further improvement for the applications  

February, 2024 – Building its path to be a complete solution provider, Embraco, a global refrigeration technology brand for the residential and commercial cold chain and part of  Nidec Global Appliance, starts 2024 announcing the launching of a new pack of electronic components called Sync it All: the Embraco AIR fan and the Embraco SYNC controller. Both solutions are focused on light commercial refrigeration and will integrate with Embraco variable speed compressors, along with the interface YouControl, an easy and single tool which allows customers to set up the system´s parameters, with an automatic tuning feature.


Guilherme Almeida, Nidec Global Appliance’s president, stated in the launch online event: “We developed solutions that can “sync it all” when combined with our compressors and condensing units and the  intuitive interface of YouControl, giving our customers more control and easier implementation. We did it because we understand that no one can control Embraco compressors better than Embraco. Our more than 50 years of expertise are being translated into software and components that, in a synchronized way, offer the best efficiency to our customers’ applications. This is a game changer, which will make the difference and transform the refrigeration market.” He adds: “Our motivation is to make technology accessible for the cold chain with complete support service as a single trusted partner.”


Integrating solutions for smart refrigeration


Sync it All integrates Embraco AIR, Embraco SYNC, Embraco variable speed compressors and the YouControl development interface reinforcing a new category of electronic components, through the Synchronize to Optimize concept. The solutions allow multiple Embraco products to work together for an enhanced and optimized performance, with a simplified setup that allows variable speed compressors’ adoption time to be reduced from weeks to days, also saving  energy consumption and guaranteeing temperature stability.


Preliminary case studies showed that significant energy savings could be achieved by replacing Embraco fixed speed and other standard components by the Embraco Sync integrated items, as well as additional benefits such as lower noise and vibration, faster customer approvals, reduced maintenance costs and improved reliability.


The new solutions are available in dual voltage and are compatible with natural refrigerants. They suit different commercial applications such as freezers, reach-ins, coolers, merchandisers and others for food retail or food service markets.


Embraco SYNC is an electronic controller with full range input voltage, and simple setup, that can control different devices such as compressors, fans, lights and alarms. It operates as an intelligent device, optimizing appliance performance through features such as the adaptive defrost algorithm, which allows it to execute defrost based on the ice build-up self detection, or through the heater control, that Improves the load management of the door frame/heater. Embraco SYNC comes with an embedded auto tuning feature inside of You Control. 


Embraco AIR is an energy-efficient fan, with two options of motors (both the same size), variable speed setting, flexible assembly and fixation, and a wide temperature operating range, from -40 C to +60 C, surpassing conventional models. With Embraco AIR it is possible to have one single product for many possibilities. 

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