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Embraco launches new portfolio and presents its complete solutions for commercial refrigeration at AHR Expo Chicago


Compressors, condensing units and new components will be highlighted at Embraco´s booth, along with its new brand strategy

Chicago, January 2024 Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the residential and commercial cold chain and part of Nidec Global Appliance, will be at AHR Expo in Chicago, from January 22nd to 24th, 2024, bringing the Think Ahead positioning, which means focusing on the future’s demands to transform the refrigeration segment.


At the trade show, Embraco’s exhibition will count on efficient and low noise variable speed compressors, as the core products; condensing units for cold rooms and outdoor applications, as well as new launches, which will integrate the portfolio, combining efficiency and further reliability , aiming to consolidate the brand as a complete solutions provider.


The variable speed compressors which will be displayed are VEMT, FMF and VNEX families. The VEMT is a robust solution for Food Service applications, while FMF is a versatile model suited for several commercial refrigeration  such as: Food Retail, Food Service , Medical and Scientific applications and Merchandisers [Bottle Coolers]. Also robust and reliable, VNEX can drive Food Retail freezers and refrigerators,. The fixed-speed models will also be showcased, such as NTX, designed to drive  Ice-makers and Freezers  that have severe cooling cycles and require a highly robust compressor. All these products are approved for natural refrigerants, such as propane (R290).


The condensing units section will count on our Bioma concept, recognized  for being the world’s lowest noise solution for cold rooms, as well as our  EDP (Evaporative Drain Pan) series having one of the largest drain pan volume in the market,  to hold defrost water. 


Michel Moreira, Commercial Appliance Sales Director for North America, says: “With our entire portfolio of condensing units and new launches, we want to reinforce Embraco’s  strategy to be a single trusted partner, which provides not only the compressor, but  different sets to a whole refrigeration unit. We understand how useful cooling solutions that come ready to install can be, to applications of refrigeration equipment manufacturers (OEMs), from all segments we serve such as: Food Service, Food Retail and Distribution & Aftermarket. It can save money and time for our customers.” Another strategy that Embraco is reinforcing is the One Truck Away. “We  invested in a new production line of condensing units in our Mexico plant, in Monterrey, to expedite  our supply chain in  North America region”, concluded Michel.  


At the booth #S7719,visitors will be able to see up close and first hand, the new launchings which are part of Embraco’s strategy, built on integration and synchronization of products to make our customers’ lives easier.


To learn more about AHR Chicago 2024, visit this link.


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