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Embraco brings to AHR Expo a case study with 34% energy savings in ice machines


The brand will also highlight the VNEX, a soon to be launched variable speed compressor for large commercial applications, and its portfolio for food service and aftermarket

January 2023Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete residential and commercial cold chain and a Nidec Global Appliance’s brand, is bringing to the AHR Expo 2023, in Atlanta (USA), from February 6-8, at booth #B2339, the results of a case study with an ice machine that reached 34% energy savings after having its compressor switched. In the study, a model using R404A refrigerant was replaced by the Embraco EMX compressor, which runs on natural refrigerant R290. The exchange also provided a gain of 35% in ice production. 

“For us, the study demonstrates that the migration to natural refrigerants is the next trend for the ice machine market, since it is a win-win situation: energy costs reduction and productivity increase combined with lower environmental impact, because R290 has a global warming potential (GWP) close to zero, whereas the GWP of R404A is 3,922”, explains Michel Moreira, Sales Director for the North American Region at Nidec Global Appliance, responsible for the Embraco portfolio. “It is also a future-proof solution, as it is suitable for current and expected legislation setting limits on the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of refrigeration equipment”, he adds. 

This year at AHR, Embraco’s participation will have a special focus on the food service and aftermarket segments’ applications and needs. That is why this case study is one of the highlights and the EMX and its features will be among the solutions displayed at the show. It has a range of equivalent displacement from 4cc to 9.5 cc and cooling capacity of up to 2,985 BTU/h (ARI MBP). Besides ice machines, it is suitable for a variety of applications such as under counters, professional kitchen’s reach in freezers and coolers, bottle coolers, and beer merchandisers, thanks to the high starting torque motor (also suitable for thermostatic expansion valve) and the high efficiency

For ice machines as well as other food service applications that demand higher cooling capacity, Embraco will highlight the NEX and NTX compressors. The first reaches up to 21 cc and 6,480 BTU/h of cooling capacity, whereas the NTX reaches up to 33 cc and 10,200 BTU/h(ARI MBP). 

VNEX: the new Embraco variable speed compressor

The AHR will also be the place for visitors to know more about Embraco’s future variable speed reciprocating compressor for large food retail applications in low and medium temperature (LT and MT), the VNEX. It is large enough to cover up to 5 door reach in commercial freezers and large open air refrigerators, and offers the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency of its class. By its side, other Embraco variable speed compressors will be at the show, such as the VEMT and the FMFT. The trio covers a wide range of applications in merchandisers, food service, and food retail, offering to these segments the advantages of variable speed technology (also known as inverter). 

Variable speed compressors come with an embedded set of electronics that control the compressor’s working speed according to the refrigeration equipment’s demand, and the energy saving can reach up to 40% compared to a fixed speed compressor, depending on the application. “Variable speed is the best way to balance energy and food preservation regulations and requirements in the food service segment, specially in low temp applications”, states Moreira. 

Complete condensing unit’s portfolio

Embraco will also showcase at AHR its condensing units portfolio. “We see that refrigeration equipment manufacturers [OEMs] for food service can greatly benefit from cooling solutions that come ready to install into their applications. In this scenario, instead of offering only the compressor, we deliver different sets of high level of assembly, from a basic condensing unit, complete ones, to a whole refrigeration unit, already pre-charged with refrigerant”, says Moreira. “It not only saves time for our customers, eliminating the need to buy and assemble multiple parts , but also allows them to focus their labor force on their core business, utilizing just one part number instead”, he adds. Embraco will present a  portfolio of condensing units at the Expo, from standard models to customized ones, with a wide range of sizes and cooling capacities. 

Since contractors and refrigeration technicians compose a great part of AHR Expo’s public, Embraco will also take the opportunity to display at the show its robust portfolio for the after market, including compressors, standard condensing units, and components such as the universal inverter, start relays, capacitors, and overload protectors. 

For those interested in knowing more about natural refrigerants, the expert Marek Zgliczynski, Research and Development director at Nidec Global Appliance, will be the speaker at the presentation: “The Evolution of Compressors and Related Applications in Household and Light Commercial Refrigeration with Natural Refrigerants”. It will be held on February 7th, at 8:40 to 9:00 AM (EST), as part of the Ashrae Winter Conference, a parallel event to the AHR Expo.

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