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Embraco announces the mass production of the NEX and VEH compressors series in its factory in Beijing


The investment aims to supply Asian manufacturers with growing demands for food-service and food-retail refrigeration solutions

Beijing, November, 2023 – Embraco,  global provider of refrigeration technology for the residential and commercial cold chain and a Nidec Global Appliance brand, is now producing the fixed-speed NEX and variable-speed VEH compressors, in high scale, in its factory in Beijing. The announcement happened at the Embraco Experience Asia Summit, on  November 22nd, which counted on the exclusive attendance of customers from all Asia and Pacific region.

Daniel Campos, Commercial Appliances Vice President at Nidec Global Appliance, explained: “With the mass production of NEX and VEH in China, we are improving the service level and proximity with our Asian customers. Localizing the products allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace, with the same high efficiency and robust products that we supply currently, while offering shorter delivery lead times. The local production extension, we’ll enable us to play in the main segments / applications and to serve the whole region.

Robust, efficient and flexible products at hand

Both models provide for the end users benefits such as low energy consumption, fast pull down, and low noise. NEX models have high energy efficiency and cooling capacity of up to 1 kW, and small-size features. It was developed for applications such as professional kitchens, reach-ins, under-counters, and display cases. VEH compressors offer a double voltage alternative, with high tolerance to fluctuation, work in high-temperature conditions and it is focused on applications such as professional kitchens, freezers, coolers, and frozen islands.  The models are also available with R290 natural refrigerant,  which helps to reduce the impact on the ozone layer almost to zero.

Our main target is the food service and food retail markets, which have high usage of higher cooling capacity compressors. Besides bringing more value awareness into their applications, another positive aspect of the local production for our Asian clients is the competitiveness to our customers, considering the current market situation with high cost in commodities and transportation”, added Esequias Pereira Junior, Sales and Application Engineering Director in Asia Pacific region at Nidec Global Appliance.

The company invested US$ 5.7 million to implement the line to produce NEX and VEH compressors. Upon reaching its full capacity in 2024, it will produce 500,000 units per year and will generate 80 to 100 new job positions.

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