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At Chillventa 2022, Embraco shows the stars of its portfolio for commercial refrigeration


In addition to presenting product launches, the brand reinforces its positioning of having a complete and versatile range of solutions   

September, 2022. Embraco, a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete residential and commercial cold chain and a Nidec Global Appliance’s brand, is bringing to Chillventa 2022 a portfolio that aims to address the market’s most pressing issues: sustainability, energy efficiency and technological solutions to solve current and future challenges. For that reason, the brand’s booth in the exhibition, at hall 7 – stand 130, from October 11 to 13,  will have product launches side by side with the current portfolio’s stars, in order to give visibility of Embraco’s complete range of solutions, for all segments in commercial refrigeration, such as merchandisers, food retail, food service and medical applications. 

“For being the world’s leading exhibition for refrigeration technology, we see Chillventa as the perfect opportunity to show the comprehensiveness and versatility of our portfolio for commercial applications, and highlight some of Embraco brand’s main attributes, such as innovation leadership and the highest levels of energy efficiency in the market”, says Daniel Campos, Vice-president for Commercial Applications at Nidec Global Appliance.

Product launches that broaden the variable speed portfolio

Chillventa will be the stage for visitors to have a taste of Embraco’s future variable speed reciprocating compressor for large applications. The VNEX, will be capable of serving 3 to 4 doors commercial freezers and refrigerators, with high levels of energy efficiency.

Other compressors’ launches are the new Scrolls, now in R290 and variable speed options. The scroll portfolio was launched by Embraco in 2017 to expand the brand’s solutions offer beyond 2 HP, extending it up to 6 HP for low back pressure and 13 HP at medium-high back pressure. The new models add to this portfolio more environmental sustainability, through the use of the ultra-low global warming potential refrigerant R290, and extra energy efficiency, through variable speed technology. 

“Variable speed is the premium level solution, for achieving great performances and being one step ahead of the future market needs”, states Gilmar Pirovano, EMEA Sales Director for Commercial Applications at Nidec Global Appliance. That is why Embraco’s booth at Chillventa will have the brand’s main variable speed reciprocating compressors in the current portfolio for commercial applications, all running on natural refrigerants (R600a or R290). They are positioned among the highest levels of energy efficiency in the market, from small to large sizes: FMS, FMX, FMF, VES, VEM, VEH and VNEX. 

New condensing units

Among the product launches displayed will be the two new versions of Bioma, a condensing unit lineup designed for low noise and easy access to components. This solution for cold rooms and outdoor applications can deliver 50% of noise reduction versus the next best alternatives. 

One of the new models is the Bioma 5HP powered by a variable speed scroll compressor, adding this option to the existing portfolio up to 10kW of cooling capacity. The other new Bioma will come with two scroll compressors: a variable speed (inverter) one and a fixed speed one. The pair extends the cooling capacity of this product line from 10kW (5 HP) to 20 kW (10HP), making the installation process simpler for larger applications that used to demand two units. Both launches are also more resistant to rust, which is ideal for outdoor units.

Visitors will have the chance as well to see the new range of indoor R290 condensing units for Europe, for use in applications such as under-counters, blast chillers and cold rooms. The models come with a set of new features and are available in variable speed and fixed options to deliver the energy efficiency the application demands. “Condensing units have the advantage of being a complete cooling circuit, reducing the refrigeration equipment manufacturer’s effort in the product design phase and installation”, explains Pirovano. 

Complete fixed speed compressors range

At Chillventa, Embraco also reinforces the positioning of having a fixed speed (also known as on-off) compressors portfolio capable of covering the whole range of commercial applications. It starts with compressors that deliver from 3 cc of equivalent displacement and 144 W of cooling capacity, such as the EM, up to  38 cc and 1.7 kW (LBP conditions), such as the NJX. 

“Our fixed speed portfolio was defined to be the standard solution to comply with local legislation demands while it also is attuned with environmental impact reduction”, affirms the Sales Director. All the Embraco on-off compressors lines that will be present at Chillventa are among the most energy efficient fixed speed compressors in the market, and have options in R290, a natural refrigerant with global warming potential below 1 (according to new studies of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, released in August 2021).

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