World Refrigeration Day: preservation for a better quality of life

Refrigeration is everywhere. It’s not only the fridge in your kitchen, but also in the establishments you usually visit, including bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets. Without it, it would not be possible to preserve a plate of frozen food, to enjoy an ice cream or to drink a glass of cold water, therefore, quality of life does not exist without refrigeration. 


Bearing this in mind, on June 26, for the first time ever World Refrigeration Day will be celebrated all around the world. Countries such as the US, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Africa and the Middle East, and across Europe, are already celebrating the date. The annual milestone is supported by the UN and raises social awareness of the importance of advancing innovation in key quality-of-life issues such as adequate food and beverage preservation, vaccine storage and organ transportation. Billions of lives are impacted daily around the world by an industry that seeks to innovate more and more, increasing comfort and efficiency, but with less impact on the environment. 

To do our part, we have prepared some material on the importance of this topic for modern life and global trends. Check it out!

Refrigeration: how it works and its importance

Refrigeration is what makes certain foods last longer, in a warehouse, during transportation, at the point of sale, and finally in the refrigerator at your home. This goes for meats, cold cuts, milk and dairy products, beverages and ready-made meals that can be stored and reheated afterwards. 

In addition to the food industry, refrigeration is also essential for the medical applications, preserving samples for research and exams, vaccines and even donated organs.  

The importance of refrigeration is not just about practicality at home or at work. It has facilitated large-scale manufacture and food distribution to the most distant regions of the country and the world. Whether in industry or commerce, the system has resulted in new professions creating thousands of jobs.

Global Trends in Refrigeration

By understanding the importance of refrigeration is keeping up to date on its innovations, which emerge at an ever-accelerating pace. See the main ones below:

More space: Currently, one of the biggest challenges in the industry is to produce smaller compressors, which ensures more space inside the refrigerators. In addition, of course, lighter and more efficient solutions, obtaining benefits such as performance, logistics and material optimization.

Less energy consumption: Reducing energy consumption is essential. Variable-speed compressors, inverter technology, save up to 40% more, reducing noise and vibration. The FMX model, Embraco’s latest launch, operates with lower temperature variation, preserving food better, and has the ability to operate with voltage fluctuations.

Natural refrigerants: This is another innovation that involves sustainability. In addition to reducing environmental impact, the use of natural refrigerants delivers more efficiency. Considering that 30% to 50% of total retail energy use is consumed by refrigeration, the solution can have a big impact in cost.

High performance: All of these innovations have one goal in common: to improve equipment performance. Whether in increasing cooling potential or reducing noise and energy consumption, the combination of technology and sustainability is promising for the refrigeration market.


The refrigeration cycle can be divided into 4 stages: compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. The refrigerant fluid is also part of this process, and when it comes to refrigeration solutions Embraco gets involved.

The company is also part of the refrigeration history since 1971 where founded its first unit, in Joinville. Today, the company is not only present in Brazil, but in seven other countries and the company markets its products to more than 80 countries.

Embraco in numbers

Commercial presence in over 80 countries

11 business units

47 research laboratories

About 500 people involved in Research and Development (120 partner universities)

Annual investment of 3% to 4% of net revenue in R&D

Approximately 10 thousand employees

Annual production capacity of 37 million

For almost 50 years, we have been working in the development of innovative refrigeration solutions in refrigerators, freezers, cellars and other equipment in the residential and commercial segments, such as supermarkets, restaurants and medical facilities, among others. Thus, we are part of people’s daily life, preserving products from their manufacturing to transportation and distribution to commerce, and storage at home.

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