Embraco outlines benefits of transitioning to Hydrocarbon variable speed compressors at ATMOsphere America 2019

Embraco Fullmotion technology decreases energy consumption by up to 33 percent in commercial applications

ATLANTA, GA  – Today at ATMOsphere America 2019, Embraco, a global company that promotes quality of life through innovative cooling solutions, showcased its vision for the future of refrigeration by outlining the energy-efficient benefits of transitioning to variable speed compressors such as its Fullmotion line up.

Embraco Fullmotion Variable Speed Compressor Provides Quick Return on Investment John Prall, Embraco’s Technical Support Engineer for North America, will present today at 2:30 p.m. EDT. His presentation will outline how Embraco’s technology on variable speed can significantly reduce energy consumption and offer more sustainable, flexible and cost-efficient refrigeration solutions for commercial applications. His presentation will discuss the common misconceptions of variable speed and talk about the benefits, including a quick ROI through realized energy savings.

“We look forward to sharing our knowledge at ATMOsphere America with fellow industry experts to continue developing innovative solutions that solve the needs of our customers,” said John Prall, Embraco’s Technical Support Engineer for North America. “The future looks promising for variable speed compressors, especially when equipped with Hydrocarbon (HC), delivering higher capacity and efficiency over conventional compressors.”

In comparison to traditional On-Off compressors, Embraco’s Fullmotion solution offers:

– Quicker return on investment through realized energy savings – Ongoing savings after investment payoff (in perpetuity) – Temperature stability which results in product life extension – Significant operating noise reduction – Faster pull down – Increased reliability over life of equipment

Case Studies Demonstrate Energy Savings The best solution for commercial refrigeration is a combination of HC refrigerants and Embraco’s Fullmotion technology. Prall will discuss two case studies where Embraco has measured energy savings by using this combination.

When used with natural refrigerants, variable speed compressors help minimize direct and indirect impacts on global warming. Using this combination in retail frozen island merchandisers, as an example, decreased pull-down time, yielded a 30 percent reduction in energy costs while reducing the equipment life cycle cost—generating a payoff through energy savings in less than 12 months. As another example, Embraco Fullmotion variable speed technology applied to vertical freezer equipment reached target temperature up to 70 percent faster, while saving up to 33 percent energy consumption, paying off in the first six months.

U.S. Natural Refrigeration Market Trends Marek Zgliczynski, Fellow Researcher, Director of Research and Development at Embraco North America also will be participating in a panel discussion on the latest regulatory issues and standards regarding natural refrigerants in the United States and Canada. Zgliczynski is chair of SC61C of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). His presentation begins at 8:30 a.m. EDT.


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