Mabe Argentina was the first company in that country to adopt the use of Embraco Fullmotion compressors, in a refrigerator of it’s GE Appliances brand.  

Offered in silver, with 424 litres and a very modern design, the HGE455S refrigerator is already available amongst the models on sale in that country. 

The energy saving differential represented by the use of the Embraco Fullmotion compressor – up to 45% less than conventional on-off models – gave the HGE455S the A++ rating, the highest level of energy efficiency in the Argentinian market today. 

Along with the energy efficiency, other benefits brought by Fullmotion technology – such as superior performance and noise reduction generation – have been gaining the most demanding consumers of the neighboring country.  

The 10 year guarantee for the compressor, is another aspect which comes to be explored by the company, to represent an important differential in the market. 

In an interview with the Argentinian press, Iván Purtic, Product Manager and Post-Sale of Mabe Argentina, confirms:   “This launch allows us to continue to strengthen our leadership in the appliance market in the country. We are committed to the continuous development of products with high technological value, in the constant search to exceed the high expectations of our customers.”

Purtic also highlighted the use of Inverter technology, made possible by the Fullmotion compressor, which allows to offer a refrigerator which brings advantages in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability. “We see a major change in the consumption patterns of our users, who, through a smart purchasing approach, will demand a greater commitment from us with the development of friendly products, with more advanced functions and lower energy consumption.”


In Germany 

German appliance-maker Liebherr was another company to opt for Embraco Fullmotion technology, using the VESF compressor in its new line of BluPerformance refrigerators.  

The high performance, low power consumption and low noise levels provided by this technology, greatly appeal to demanding European users. Apart from these, other factors make it possible for the German company to make their equipment even more attractive.  Amongst these, the small size and technical characteristics of VESF, allow to maximize internal space in the refrigerators.

“We believe that continuous research into technology solutions generates a benefit for the entire refrigeration chain, and Embraco Fullmotion VESF compressors, integrated with Liebherr BluPerformance refrigerators, help make them ultra-efficient,” says Guilherme de Almeida, director of Strategic Planning at Embraco.  “This partnership allowed us to present an innovative product that, when using an Embraco compressor, created a new energy class 20% more efficient than the so-called A+++ class,” says Almeida.

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