Focusing on state-of-the-art technology projects and being attentive to the market trends, Embraco offers a wide range of cooling solutions for food retail, food service and merchandisers segments. Among the most popular are condensing units that combine a complete platform with services focused on high-quality and performance, which also simplifies the customer’s production process.


BIOMA: silence for your next cold room


By hearing the market, Embraco developed Bioma, a tailor-made solution for urban areas that meets food retail and food service needs, such as easy maintenance, fast installation and space restrictions. The compact equipment is designed for cold rooms and outdoor applications with low noise level requirements, such as petrol stations, restaurants and convenience stores.

Bioma employs innovative airflow management and looks with a hidden fan to prevent phantom sound. The unit achieves more than 50 % noise reduction level if it is compared to the similar models in the market, a result made possible by the unique and squared front design and the use of only one fan in all three sizes.

With Bioma, Embraco has reached great achievements in terms of design and efficiency while applying its complete range of Embraco hermetic and scroll compressors. The layout was designed to provide maximum accessibility to components with three access doors accessible with a single key opening in 1/4 turn lock. Its stackability brings the unique possibility of capacity expansion, optimizing store space. 

The range multi-refrigerant platform is optimized for the use of R449A and R452A was well as options offered in R134a and R513A, running from 700w to 10kW on positive applications and 500W to 5kW on negative applications.


SLIDING: Easy maintenance 


The second generation of Sliding Units brings installer upgrade requests for easy connection and commissioning. The edges of the container are now slightly curved, which helps the unit achieve not only design-related, but also aesthetic refresh.

Sliding Unit is suitable for all applications and comes in a complete range of sizes. It is the best solution for outdoor applications – restaurants (food service), bakeries or butcheries (food retail), and allows easy maintenance for cold rooms. Its longitudinal air flow results in maximum performance optimization and compactness as it can be installed directly on the wall. This all, together with the usage of low GWP refrigerants, makes for high efficiency and reliability.

The idea of Sliding Unit originated after 2012 Chillventa exhibition in Germany. It later translated into the revolutionary, ingenious design, where the maintenance drawer with screwless access has been applied. More units are simply stackable on one another, keeping the easy access. 

A whole scale of Embraco compressors can be used within Sliding Units – NE, NEU NT and NJ. And not only in there; the company offers also basic condensing units and the latest solution Bioma.

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