F&P to create more efficient appliances

Combination of new technologies was applied in refrigerators in New Zealand

Fisher & Paykel is a traditional manufacturer of refrigerators in New Zealand. Acknowledged for its innovating profile, the company was the first in the world to put together two recent technological solutions to improve energy efficiency of the refrigerators, also obtaining benefits for the environment.

Applied to the cabinets of refrigerators of the brand, the innovation consisted of combining PASCAL technology, developed by the North American company Dow, with the liquid expansion agent (LBA) Solstice®, created by Honeywell. Besides providing high quality insulation, the solution allows the user to increase efficiency in the equipments.

PASCAL uses an advanced process for filling the cabinets of refrigerators and freezers with the exclusive polyurethane foam of Dow. As the foam is injected in the cavity of the cabinet with vacuum equipment, the operation is quicker and more efficient, besides it avoids waste of material and ensures homogeneous results.

This technology, when used together with insulation agent LBA Solstice provides even better results. The solution developed by Honeywell is characterized by its high efficiency and by fulfilling the requirements of sustainability: it has an extremely low global warming potential (GWP), 99.9% less than the HFC foam-based expansion agents. Thus, it contributes to manufacturers of refrigerators complying with the requirements of the environmental regulations and energy efficiency.

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“The governmental authorities are establishing increasingly strict mandatory and minimum energy standards and consumers throughout the world are demanding more efficient household appliances from the energy point of view. With the PASCAL technology, the manufacturers are able to handle this demand and, at the same time, increase energy efficiency and productivity during the manufacturing process”, states Vichan Tangkengsirisin, Marketing director for Household Appliances of Dow Polyurethanes for the Asia-Pacific region. “This joint work shows that significant results can be achieved. Our expectation is that more companies will adopt this innovation”, adds Bryan Magnus, global manager for business of Foam Expansion Agents of Honeywell.

Combining these two technologies, Fisher & Paykel reported having attained results superior to that of each one of them separately. “Our goal is to become a leading brand of household appliances. To do so, we are constantly seeking innovative solutions which will match the interests of consumers”, says Daniel Witten-Hannah, executive vice president of product development of the company. Among the described solutions, the use of high-efficiency Embraco compressors should also be highlighted.

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