Standard shows how to operate correctly

Document focuses on maintenance and repair of refrigeration equipment.

Published in 2014, replacing an earlier version of 1993, ISO 5149-1: 2014 is entitled “Cooling Systems and Heat Pumps – Environmental and Safety Requirements”. 

Like all ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, or International Organization for Standardization), this document became a reference for the topic. Therefore, refrigeration technicians who want to follow the best practices need to know their main recommendations. 

The standard ISO 5149 specifies requirements relating to environmental and safety aspects of the operation, maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems.  It also describes what should be done for the recovery, reuse and proper disposal of all types of refrigerant fluids, lubricating oils, as well as refrigeration systems and their parts and components. 

The main aspects of the standard are summarized below.

Operating instructions

Professionals responsible for the operation, supervision and maintenance of refrigeration systems must be properly instructed and have the necessary competence to perform their tasks. They should: 

• Know the inspection requirements for these services;

• Have knowledge and experience regarding the functioning, operation and daily monitoring of systems;

• Know the process of changing the type of refrigerant, the properties and the way of handling the refrigerant used, as well as the safety measures that must be observed. 

Each refrigeration system should have a book to record details of maintenance and repairs, quantities, sources and type (new, reused or recycled) of charged or transferred refrigerant fluid, component exchanges and replacements etc.

Maintenance and repair 

Each refrigeration system must be subjected to preventive maintenance in accordance with its instruction manual. The person responsible for the system must ensure that it is inspected and maintained. You should also demonstrate knowledge of the drainage procedure and know the different circumstances that require leak testing, inspections, and safety checks.

The professional responsible for the repairs must have knowledge of: 

• The process of repairing components containing refrigerant fluid;

• What should be done after each periodic maintenance or repair.

Reuse and disposal 

All components and parts of refrigeration systems shall be recovered, or reused or properly disposed of, in accordance with the regulations of each country. To reduce losses of refrigerant fluids, the technician shall follow the appropriate process for their handling and storage and shall ensure that recovered refrigerants pass the required tests prior to their reuse .


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What Is An Iso International Standard 

An ISO standard is a document that contains useful information and describes best practices. In general, it describes a well-accepted way of doing something or a solution to a problem. 

In summary, an ISO standard helps you:

• Make products compatible so that they combine and work well together.

• Identify issues related to the safety of products and services. 

• Share good ideas and solutions, know-how technological and administrative best practices.

Source: ISO in Brief (International Organization for Standardization)



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