Faster Access with BIOMA

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager


Easy Maintenance with BIOMA


A new silent range of condensing units designed for quick service, fast installation and easy maintenance. There are many solutions in Europe and also in other regions using too many screws. Installing, setting-up or changing something is always a challenge, because the contractor has to remove many screws and the whole procedure of just getting access to the components can take 15, 20 or even 25 minutes.

Embraco planned the development in a completely different way. The process now takes less than 2 minutes to open or close the access door, reaching components with a simple quarter-turn key solution. One from the top, one from the bottom – and you’re done. Now you have direct access to all components.

  • How fast can you get to BIOMA’s components?

  • How long will the silent unit really STAY silent?

Find out now!


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