Easy Maintenance with BIOMA

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager



BIOMA silent unit: Easy and best cleaning

This product has been developed for the contractor, for the people doing their jobs every day in the field. Installation isn’t the only thing that’s important, but also service and maintenance. 

By listening to customers, Embraco implemented a three-door access solution with just one screw at the top and one at the bottom. Therefore, you can get direct access to all components – the fan, compressor, electrical box and liquid line.

The objective was to place no barriers between the contractor and the component that needs to be replaced. Changing the fan? Four screws – and you get frontal access. Setting-up the press switch? Changing the compressor? Always frontal access. The fan’s speed controller? Direct access as well.

The first component in condensing units that you’ll need to change in maintenance calls is the filter dryer. How do you change it quickly? Check out the video.

  • What unique solution has Embraco come up with to open the unit?

  • What does frontal access really mean?

  • How to change filter dryer as soon as possible?

Find out now!



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