How the refrigeration technician can help fighting food waste

Seeking qualification is the way.

The waste of food is an important issue throughout the world. Just to have an idea, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) calculates a global loss of food of approximately US$ 750 billion.

Trying to reduce these losses is a great goal of companies of several segments, and also of professionals of the sector, such as refrigeration technicians. At Embraco, for example, global leading company in the market of hermetic compressors, the innovation and development of new technologies are always seen as important goals.

An example is the Fullmotion compressor, which has Inverter technology. With it, the consumption of energy of the refrigerator can reduce by up to 45% compared with the conventional ones. Furthermore, the FullMotion technology maintains the temperature more stable in the cabinet and ensures better preservation of food, significantly reducing the risk of food wastage.

Read how the Fullmotion compressor improves the preservation of food.

How the refrigeration technician can help in fighting the food loss

The refrigeration professionals also can and must contribute to reducing the loss of food. But how is this possible in the hectic day-to-day of work and services?

The answer, clearly, is not summed up in a single task, but the first great step is to show that having knowledge in new technologies helps to maintain the equipment. The more technical information that you have, the greater are the  chances of being successful in repairing appliances.

Once repaired or even improved – increasing, for example, the useful life of the parts or even reducing the consumption of energy -, the negative impact of the equipment on the environment will be less, causing less harm to the planet and, thus, reducing the food loss.

How to be aware of the new technologies? The refrigeration technician Paulo Mansidão,23 years old, gives the tip. He usually visits sites of the segment, reads texts and manuals about the subject and attending lectures. “And now, with this generation of Youtubers, we manage to obtain more information about technologies”, says the professional of the refrigeration field.

Qualification is the best way for the refrigeration technician

In an interview for the Refrigeration ClubEduardo Macedo Ferraz e Souza, director of  Escola Senai Oscar Rodrigues Alves de Refrigeração e Climatização (SP) (Senai School Oscar Rodrigues Alves of Refrigeration and Acclimatization), highlighted that professionals with a view to the future need to take part in courses and training. 

According to him, the concern of the sector is perceived not only the environment or energy efficiency, but with the global sustainability of buildings, leading many professionals to perceive the need to be specialized, even with postgraduation. 

“That is why it is very important to always pursue qualification, and I am doing this”, says the refrigeration technician Paulo Mansidão.

Some data of food wastage in the world

It’s fact that is necessary to preserve what is produced, eliminating losses. 

This is very important, because:

• The world’s population does not stop growing: there are almost 8 billion people;

• To feed them, it is indispensable to reduce losses and wastage;

• Almost 800 million people go hungry and another 2 billion undergo nutrient deficiency;*                                             

• Every year, approximately 670 million tons of food are lost or wasted in the countries of high income and another 630 million tons in the countries of medium and low income;*

• Refrigeration can improve this situation, as a lot of food produced perishes due to problems of preservation.

 *FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization, 2017)

Finally, it is worth reading this material about how refrigeration is essential for the food safety of the planet.

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