Embraco Wisemotion Technology

[gravata]Oil-free compressor opens up new possibilities for household refrigeration.[/gravata] Compact, silent, efficient and eliminates the use of oil, the new compressor has many advantages. After 10 years of studies and research, Embraco is launching globally Wisemotion technology, the first oil-free compressor for household applications. This new concept will revolutionize household refrigeration, expanding the possibilities in designing new refrigerators – from innovative formats to more intelligent features. According to Fábio Klein, Research and Development Director of Embraco, Wisemotion will enable benefits such as better food conservation, better use of the space inside the refrigerator as well as low noise levels. Furthermore, the reduction in energy consumption can reach more than 20% when compared to the most sold high efficiency compressors in the world market. This innovative model is built with an intelligent electronic system, with the latest generation materials and mechanical parts coated with a technology capable of eliminating the use of lubricant oils. “When we look at points of sale, we see how the appliance industry has challenges in seeking differentiation. We’re making our clients’ dream possible: developing the refrigerator of the future. The market for household refrigeration will take a technological leap with this new solution”, highlights Roberto H. Campos, Embraco’s president. [box side=”alignleft” color=”box-verde” pos=”horizontal”] WISEMOTION’S BENEFITS  Better food preservation: enables minimal temperature differences to be obtained inside the refrigerator, since it operates with controlled capacity according to the demand placed on the equipment. Silent: brings modern and innovative solutions in noise control. Wisemotion works at an almost constant frequency, which improves the noise perception, causing it to be much quieter. Compact: by being about 10 cm lower in height than current compressors, it saves space inside the refrigerator. Energy savings: with higher energy efficiency levels and with the potential to develop new solutions, evolving even further. Eco-friendly: facilitating compressor disposal at the end of its life cycle, since it has no lubricant oil. Furthermore, it uses fewer raw materials than conventional compressors and is more economical in refrigerant fluid charge. Versatile: compressors which use this new technology can be installed in different locations within the refrigeration system. Therefore, in the future, the same compressor will be able to power a refrigerator or a wine cellar or a mini-bar. [/box]

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