How the refrigerator technician can take advantage of the new supermarket era

The refrigeration market for supermarkets is constantly evolving and the refrigerator technician needs to be prepared for these changes. Learn how.

Supermarket refrigeration systems occupy an extremely important role in the sector. The great responsibility for conserving perishable products, among them frozen and chilled foods (meat, beverages, dairy products, among others), falls to them.

Therefore, any problem that takes place with these systems may represent a serious risk to the establishment: for example:

• Loss of products: the lack of refrigeration may spoil food, increasing waste and reducing the store’s income;

• Loss of customers: low-quality products make customers reduce purchases and may even cause food safety problems;

• Increasing costs: badly conserved and low performance equipment increase energy consummation and harm the environment.

How to reduce costs in refrigeration systems?

The best path for refrigeration systems to maintain high performance and to reduce costs is to carry out preventative maintenance. This measure prevents equipment from suddenly malfunctioning, which can cause damage to food and influence supermarket sales.

Here you can learn about the advantages of carrying out preventative maintenance on commercial refrigeration equipment.

How can the refrigerator technician take advantage of this situation?

The refrigeration market for supermarkets is constantly evolving. Changes in consumer behavior (due to the day-to-day rush to find quick, ready-made food, such as frozen food) and in the law, in addition to establishments needing to reign in costs, create great opportunities for refrigerator technicians.

Since the sector is undergoing renovation and various transformations, it is important for technicians to train themselves and be prepared for innovative solutions at supermarkets, among them, maintenance for compressors and refrigeration systems.

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There are many fields of knowledge that a refrigerator technician must have to be able to work with preventative maintenance for supermarket refrigeration systems:

Planning of preventative maintenance: Efficient planning of preventative maintenance starts by reading equipment manuals, verifying recommendations made by manufacturers.

Defining actions to be carried out: This includes aspects such as equipment appearance, sealing systems, condensers, evaporators, compressors, among others.

Maintaining good customer relations: in addition to technical knowledge, which is fundamental, the refrigerator technician needs to have strategies for winning customers’ trust and, consequently, establishing healthy and long-lasting relationships.

Therefore, understanding this new moment of evolution that the refrigeration sector is going through in supermarkets is strategic for the refrigerator technician, who can take advantage of this chance for training and for increasing the number of customers.

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