New Video Teaches Hot To Avoid Humidity

Problem occurs frequently and it is necessary to know how to deal with it. 

A new video produced by Embraco is available for the cooling professionals. Its central theme is humidity, one of the situations often faced by the cooling professionals in their daily activities. 

In a didactic manner, it teaches how to avoid this problem and resolve it when it is present in cooling systems. 

The correct process for doing the vacuum is one of the main issues, reinforcing the requirement of using the best practices and anappropriate pump (with capacity exceeding 5 cfm). Furthermore, the consequences of the humidity for the systemare shown and its main causes indicated: 

• Lack or rubber covers on the compressor strainers for a very long time;

• Leakages at welding points; 

• Cooling fluid of low quality; 

• Drier filter saturated;

• Bursting or piercing of the evaporator pipe;

• Installation of used compressor contaminated with humidity.

 Check out the new video at the site of Clube [Club]!  

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