Choose The Air Conditioner’s Ideal Settings

[gravata]In just a few days the hottest season of the year will begin and thermometers are already showing higher temperatures. When heat starts becoming uncomfortable, air conditioning enters the scene.[/gravata] Adjusting the temperature of this device seems like a simple task, but it can become complicated when all the conditions involved come into play. In offices with a large number of employees, usually the temperature is a source of disagreement and it’s very difficult to reach a consensus. In order for the air conditioner to provide only benefits, it’s necessary to be concerned about the ideal temperature, which will depend on the room size, the movement of people and exposure to sunlight. Room size and exposure to sunlight should be the first concerns when purchasing an air conditioner. No use putting a very low temperature in an air conditioner with little power to cool a large environment, it’ll cause areas to be cooled unevenly. In such cases, it’s difficult to have a consensus in temperature choice. It’s necessary to perform a BTU calculation, which will help when buying the ideal machine for the room size. Escolha-as-condições-ideais-do-ar-condicionado-OK Ideally, on very hot days, the air should be regulated to between 20°C and 23°C. Symptoms such as cough, dry throat, or feeling extremely cold indicate that the temperature is set below what’s adequate and may result in internal to external ambient temperature shock. Excessive cold can result in discomfort and contribute to poor performance of those who are exposed to these temperatures. When making your decision, also remember the device’s energy costs. The lower the selected temperature, the longer the compressor will need to work to cool the environment and, consequently, more energy will be spent. At higher temperatures the compressor works for less time and turns-off, reducing up to 70% energy expenditure.

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