5 Tips To Win Over Customers On The Internet

[gravata]Do you have a refrigeration store? What are you doing to take full advantage of the web’s potential?[/gravata]

There is no denying: life changed after the internet and nowadays many people are connected. A survey conducted by Ibope, in 2013, pointed out that Brazil has over 57 million Internet users who surf the web daily. It’s a lot of people searching, clicking, reading, buying and doing many other activities. With today’s technology it’s no longer necessary to leave home to find a supplier.

Today we’ll give 5 tips on how to use the Internet to get new customers.

1 – Have a Facebook page
Brazil is one of the countries that has the most Facebook users, second only to the United States. It’s important that your refrigeration store or technical assistance marks its presence in this social media. Create a page and put information relevant to your public. The more shared, liked and commented your posts are, the more reach you’ll have. Always answer comments, be open to opinions, close to customers, willing to understand them and interact respectfully. Your service will be a differential.

[box color=”box-verde” pos=”horizontal”]In addition to organic reach (unpaid) you can also create campaigns. With an investment of around R$ 10 to R$ 30 per post, you’ll reach a much larger audience. Currently the result of one Facebook campaign is directly related to the amount invested.[/box]

2 – Have a site
Having a website is no longer synonymous with an advanced company. A website has become a necessity and works as an online business card, you can disseminate your refrigeration products and technical assistance. Hire a specialized professional so that he can help you be well indexed in Google, that is, appear among the first in a search using the tool.

3 – Create your blog
A dissemination strategy in the digital world is to use content. With a blog, you can give tips to your target audience. Quality information will attract potential customers, helping to build trust in your company and break commercial barriers. In addition, the more relevance your blog has, the better its position on Google searches. Important tip: use in your texts the keywords for which you want to be found. For example, if you provide refrigerator repair services, fit these words in your texts.

4 – Be found in Google
What are the goals for your refrigeration technical assistance? Provide services to the neighborhood, city or state? It’s necessary to define your goals and then prepare yourself to achieve them. Your customers need to reach your site, and for this you need a great deal of knowledge in SEO, techniques so that a website is well ranked in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are digital marketing agencies which know these tools well and can make your company stand out.

5 – E-mail marketing
You know that saying: “Who’s not seen, isn’t remembered?”.  An important tool, to remind your customer that you exist and what you do, is email marketing. You create a mailing list (list of e-mails) with your target audience, and send news, promotions, tips, etc. But remember: never overdo it so you don’t get thrown in the spam box.

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