Connecting With Customers Through The Internet

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Are you looking for customers? Well they’re also looking for you. More and more tools are emerging on the Web to assist in bringing the customer and the service together.

Imagine a situation where a person needs maintenance work on his refrigerator, but doesn’t have a contact or recommendation for a contractor. One of the options that this person has is to use the Internet, however, much more than just simply searching for a word in Google, he can ask for help in sites that make the bridge between the customer and the best service provider to attend him, with satisfaction guaranteed for everyone.

This type of online business works like this: The professionals register on the website providing the services and receive quotation requests from clients who also registered on the site looking for a particular service. It’s the old law of supply and demand. This system also helps the consumer decide on which company he thinks is better prepared to do the work, since he can consult other customers’ evaluations on the professional.

Nowadays these types of companies are called startups, that is, are young organizations that have presented a new business model, generally linked to the Internet and that propose to benefit the greatest number of people, offering the same opportunity for everyone.

The startups’ success formula is to present a business method that can be repeated numerous times. Some of the startups listed below will present your company or service to the customer’s needs and vice versa. Know and sign up:

GetNinjas has been in operation since 2011, it’s one of the marketplaces’ (trade in goods and services) pioneers in Brazil with the proposal to offer “What you need, when you need it”. Service providers advertise for free on the website, which in turn, gets a percentage of each closed contract. The site offers opportunities for quick jobs with immediate financial return.

Bougue, instead of receiving a percentage from the service provider, the website receives from the ads on the page. After the work is completed, the professional is evaluated by the client through a scoring system and if the customer wasn’t satisfied another professional is sent to redo the work.

In Habitissimo the professional registers for free, publishes offers and receives quotation requests from day one. He can also get in contact directly with customers by email or phone, depending on the way chosen by each. Headquartered in Italy and leader in Spain and Brazil, in 2014, Habitissimo received over a million online quotations.

Help Home also offers maintenance services, among others. It’s headquartered in Curitiba, but serves all Brazil. The company guarantees the competence of registered professionals and if there is a problem in the service provided, it’s committed to redoing it at no charge. Another Help Home differential is their custom plans for home, company or condominium; where packages of hours are purchased to use the services in a given period.

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