How to properly use social media for your work

The ease of connecting to the entire world opens up numerous possibilities, that’s worth looking into

Increasingly more, social media is part of people’s routine worldwide. Just on Facebook alone, the number of users has exceeded 1.5 billion. Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, Google+ and others also attract hundreds of millions of people.

The main focus of this new communication mode is the relationship: they are ways for you to have contact with others. This can bring a number of opportunities for professionals from all areas, including refrigeration. There are already a lot of people exchanging information, resolving doubts, sharing experiences and making contacts through this resource. Embraco’s Facebook (, with approximately 20 thousand followers, is an example.

Having access to an almost infinite variety of content and a huge number of people is already a great benefit for business. But contractors, retailers and manufacturers from the industry can also use social media to:

  • Learn more about their public, by analyzing their profiles, seeing their reactions and their comments;
  • Instantly know the opinions of your contacts;
  • Attract potential customers, through your network of relationships;
  • Gain credibility and recognition, based on what people say about you;
  • Permanently maintain and deepen relations with customers, professional colleagues, suppliers and other publics;
  • Track what competitors are doing, learning from them or finding opportunities to do something more;
  • Form discussion groups on a topic with other professionals from your area;
  • Always be informed about trends, seeing what others post and like.

Using social media is not a fad. Take advantage of the opportunities it brings to your business!

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