Technologies With R290 Highlighted

[gravata]Embraco compressors for propane contribute to energy efficiency.[/gravata]

Doug Schmidt, business manager for Embraco North America’s commercial refrigeration segment.

Embraco compressors for R290 (propane) were highlighted at the ATMOsphere America International Congress, held during June in San Francisco, USA. The event focuses on discussing trends and new technologies to meet the regulatory issues relating to refrigeration. The differentials and benefits of these models using propane were presented in a lecture by Doug Schmidt, commercial refrigeration segment business manager for Embraco North America. Schmidt showed that Embraco’s compressors for R290 can help to meet the new requirements established by the US Department of Energy (DOE). “Besides reducing the environmental impact, the energy savings made possible will help manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment reach the new DOE regulation levels, which were presented in May of this year”, he said. In his talk, Schmidt showed actual cases of commercial refrigeration equipment that obtained significant energy consumption reduction – between 17% and 33% – using compressors for propane instead of R134a and R404A (see an example in the table below). The change to hydrocarbon enabled the three equipment units to attain the North American legislation energy efficiency requirements for 2017. Technologies-with-R290-Highlighted-ok    

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