How Fullmotion compressor improves food preservation

It is estimated there is a global food waste of US$750 billion

Did you know that the correct preservation of food is fundamentally passes by a compressor? When you talk about conserving and keeping food fresh, you soon think of the refrigerator, but what many people do not even realize is that the technology of the compressor is essential to ensure the best preservation of food and beverages.

A clear case is the concept behind the technology  Fullmotion, of Embraco. Among other striking characteristics, the compressor automatically identifies the demand system, increasing or reducing the intensity of work according to the needs of the consumer and bringing benefits to the lives of people.

How does the Fullmotion compressor help with food conservation?

Fullmotion adapts the cooling capacity according to the needs of the system, keeping the temperature more stable inside the cabinet and ensuring better preservation of food.

Explaining better: the Fullmotion works on demand. If you put some hot food inside the refrigerator, for example, the compressor will work harder. During the night, in turn, when the refrigerator is less used, the compressor works less.

This is possible due to the development of an intelligent electronic inverter, which has sensors that identify the temperature inside the cabinet and send signals to the compressor to change its speed and reach the desired temperature more quickly and efficiently. 

In addition, Fullmotion technology avoids the use of power at the start of the compressor, which occurs several times a day in conventional models.

Lower temperature variation helps to reduce microorganisms

Food preservation tests have shown that the lower temperature variation inside the refrigerator is a great ally of health.

Check below the effect of refrigerated storage with fixed and variable speed on the growth of microorganisms in a watermelon after 1 week.

And why is all of this important?

FullMotion technology, as we saw above, keeps the temperature more stable inside the cabinet and ensures better preservation of food. Thus, the risk of food waste is significantly reduced.


Check below the numbers * that highlight the importance of food preservation in the world:

• The FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) estimates a global food waste of $ 750 billion;

• Produced and unconsumed foods occupy an area 1.5 times the size of the US; and

• Food waste has a global warming contribution equal to twice the world’s air traffic.

Source: United Nations Strategic Initiatives / Cambridge University on Global Food Security / Sustainable food system for food security and nutrition

Key Benefits of  the FullMotion Compressor

Launched in 1998 by Embraco, the Fullmotion compressor offers a number of benefits, including:

• Energy efficiency;

• Food freshness;

• Quick Cooling;

• Low noise and vibration; and

• Wide voltage range

With Fullmotion Inverter technology, the refrigerator’s power consumption can reduce by up to 45% compared to conventional ones

Regarding the noise in refrigerators, which is an increasingly present trend in the segment, the Embraco Fullmotion inverter offers a reduction of up to 5 decibels in the noise level compared to an ON-OFF compressor.

Finally, it is worth noting that the compressor is the heart of the refrigerator. It is a key component of refrigeration systems, as it is responsible for cooling.

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