Technical Course Is a Differential

[gravata]Survey confirms the importance of professional education to open up opportunities.[/gravata] Technical course diploma is an important ally for professional development. A survey conducted by Ibope Institute for the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) showed that technical and professional courses are a safe path to getting a job and having a good income. According to respondents, those who complete technical education have more opportunities in the market and receive higher wages. A study by Senai confirms these professional education impacts on a persons’ career: over 70% of former students of middle level technical courses get jobs in the first year after completion. Even so, the number of people seeking such courses remains low: only one in four Brazilians have done or attend any of them. Most claim problems like lack of time to study or funds to pay, but these obstacles can be overcome, especially with the facilities provided by online courses and programs like Pronatec (see box). Senai’s general director, Rafael Lucchesi, assesses that there are still few Brazilians who opt for professional education and society needs to make an effort to change this situation. “Although more than 80% of young Brazilians don’t have higher education, we continue acting as though university is the place for all of them”, he criticizes. He advocates strengthening technical education to prepare young people for the working world and improve the country’s shortage of skilled workers. The figures show that there is still much room for progress in this regard: while in Brazil only 6% of young people are currently in technical and professional courses, the average of the richest countries is 35%.

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