FMF line-up: high performance, doesn’t matter the voltage

Since 1971, Embraco has been a global provider of refrigeration technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain. As part of Nidec Global Appliance, its solutions are differentiated by innovation that exceeds customer’s most challenging expectations. One example is the FMF line-up, the most energy efficient portfolio in the market, suitable for LBP and MBP (low and medium temperature) applications. In comparative tests, the product achieved more than 10% better performance in energy efficiency over competitors in its category. 

The FMF line-up works with variable speed technology which, combined with electronic controls, adds intelligence to the compressor and enables a stable temperature with capacity modulation, according to the application’s demand. As a result it can deliver up to 40% reduction in energy consumption, when compared with fixed speed (on-off) models of the same cooling capacity. In addition to that, the FMF platform compressors are dual voltage ( bivolt), being able to work in a wide range of voltage fluctuations. 

With maximum displacement from 6 up to 15 cc, this platform’s versatility makes it a good fit for any segment: food retail, professional kitchens, medical and scientific or merchandisers. It is especially featured for applications requiring high stability of temperature, reliability and low noise.

This portfolio also operates with the environmentally friendly R290, counting on Embraco’s experience as a pioneer in working with natural refrigerants. Essentially, it is a combination of technology and experience in a high performance solution that solves customer’s needs, saves energy and reduces environmental impact.




  • Suitable for both LBP and MBP applications
  • It can also be applied with TXV or EEV due to high starting torque
  • Wide cooling capacity range: 6 up to 15cc
  • Dual voltage
  • Inverter line-up with smart drop in solution

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