Online systems help in business management

Managing your own business isn’t an easy task. Refrigeration service providers, for example, are often self-employed and have to be concerned about the entire sales process from dissemination, customer service, billing, until warrantee control. Retailers and service centers also have challenges such as inventory control, issuing sales invoices and cash flow.

On a daily basis, the lack of planning and the accumulation of these tasks can be factors that hinder the business’ development and growth. In this scenario, technology can be an ally that works for you as it offers ideal tools for micro and small companies seeking effective services at lower costs.

We’ve separated some systems that can assist entrepreneurs and refrigeration professionals to excel in the market.

Here are a few:

Management system

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is a Google tool that lets you store in the cloud (online storage) your documents and access them from anywhere.

Additionally, Google Drive gives you the option to share files with other users. You can, for example, share spreadsheets with your employees who may view and edit them.

Google Drive is a free system. To use it, just have an email account in Gmail. Click here to learn more about this system.

Customer relationship system

  • Zendesk

Zendesk is an online platform for customer service. This tool facilitates the process of providing customer support and makes it possible for your customer to open ticket requests for your service.

In addition, with Zendesk you can track tasks and relate to your customers. The values of the plans vary according to the solutions offered, starting at $1 a month, for a year. Click here to learn more about Zendesk.

  • Zopim

This is an online chat tool that lets you interact with your customers simply and effectively. It works within your site and when potential customers have any questions, they can use it to contact your company.

This system can be integrated with other systems such as Zendesk, helping the customer service process.

Zopim has a free plan and other paid options, increasing in value according to the features offered. Find out more about Zopim.

Have you already noticed that it’s no longer necessary to have Excel spreadsheets that get lost along the way or even a calendar?

An online system, in addition to having lower costs and being accessible from multiple locations and devices (computers, mobile phones and tablets) can also optimize the processes within your company and improve communication with your customers.

By monitoring the developments in technology you’ll certainly differentiate yourself from your competitors, as well as making you better prepared for the changes occurring in the market.


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