When is the right time to hire employees?

[gravata]When your refrigeration store or technical assistance begins to grow, it’s time to re-distribute tasks. With the increased workload also comes the need for some changes to maintain the service quality, among them some are related to the team. Do you know when the right time is to hire a new employee? [/gravata]

Depending on the time, hiring new staff is a necessary choice, but difficult to do. You shouldn’t just worry about choosing the right person, but also if your company is prepared for this hiring. We have prepared some tips to help you make this decision:

Don’t let the service get bad

Don’t let the service in your store lose quality because it has too many customers and too few employees. Ideally, the number of employees supports the number of customers without leaving anyone waiting a long time or, due to salespeople being overworked, is badly served.

Remember that a poorly served client will talk about it to friends and this word-of-mouth can generate a negative return for your business. Look to, in all ways, ensure excellent service to your customer. Besides getting the consumers loyalty, he may recommend your services to other potential customers.

Consider costs

Hiring a new registered employee in Brazil can be costly and you should be prepared for this. An employee, with signed working papers, has a monthly cost of 80% more than the salary. The cost varies according to the company’s union, field of activity and benefits offered by the company. The social charges established by law are:

• 30 days of paid annual vacation
• 1/3 salary bonus on vacation
• 13th Salary
• Termination Notice
• Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS) on monthly salary
• Guarantee Fund for Time of Service (FGTS) on 13th Salary, Termination Notice and Vacations
• Fine of 40% of FGTS in the case of employment termination by the employer
• Vacation on Termination Notice
• 13th salary on Termination Notice
• 1/3 Vacation salary on Termination Notice
• FGTS on termination (13th salary and Termination Notice)
• INSS on Salary
• INSS on Vacation and 13th salary
• Indemnification of a day’s wages

If you want an idea of what a new employee will cost, use this online calculator, it’ll give you a basic idea of the costs. The value is not definitive, but will serve as a base for your decision.

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Think ahead

Before taking any action that will require costs, be prepared to bear these costs. But how do you know if the profits of your refrigeration store or technical assistance will be sufficient to meet these new commitments? To forecast your profits and expenses, you need to put together a plan with the sales forecast. First, use your sales history from previous years. In this way, you can get an idea of what you’ve earned and you’ll also be able to define possible goals to achieve. If you want to go more in depth, study the market, competitors and real growth opportunities.


Keep an eye on the ideal time to hire

There are times when there’s an increase in hiring employees. Being aware of these periods will help you come out ahead on selecting the best people available.

One of the main hiring periods is with the arrival of summer. This is the time when many people buy their air conditioning and the demand for sales and installation grows. Other families need to do maintenance on their refrigerator since, with the heat, usage and wear increase.

Keep an eye on this period, plan and choose the best people available to meet this demand, whether it’s the sale of spare parts for maintenance or to perform repair/installation service.

Don’t despair: make the right choice

Making a hasty decision can be frustrating, even more when dealing with hiring an employee. Before hiring someone, make sure he’s right for the job you’re offering. Define well the prerequisites and the functions that will be developed. In addition, the new employee must be committed to the company and have goals that are aligned with the business of your technical assistance or refrigeration store.

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