Nidec Global Appliance Announces Webinar On Flammable Natural Refrigerant Use In Commercial Refrigeration

Embraco, a portfolio brand of Nidec Global Appliance, pioneer in solutions with natural refrigerants, today announced the launch of a free educational webinar covering the legislation driving flammable refrigerant trends, characteristics and benefits of use, safety tips, and best practices when assessing and servicing compressors and systems. The webinar will be live on May 7 and hosted by the ACHR NEWS.
The goal of Nidec Global Appliance’s webinar is to share experts tips on dealing with flammable refrigerants in commercial refrigeration applications. Interested HVACR professionals and students can register now. Capacity for the interactive learning experience is 250 and is filling quickly.
The content is timely and valuable for contractors, technicians and wholesalers who want to learn more about recent refrigerant legislation that validated a transition to hydrocarbons as a long-term solution for plugin refrigeration systems.
Webinar Objectives
Comprehend the newest updates on legislation for commercial refrigeration and recognize industry trends
Assess flammable refrigerant characteristics and the benefits of the use of natural refrigerants in commercial refrigeration
Identify and recognize the main changes on compressor and system design for refrigeration systems operating with flammable refrigerants
Learn best practices and updated safety tips for working on equipment with flammable refrigerants
Subject Matter Expert: Matthew Sopp, Key Accounts Manager for Embraco Brand in North America
Matt Sopp is a Key Account Manager with Nidec Global Appliance and represents the distribution and aftermarket segment for the Embraco brand in North America.
Previously, Matt was a nuclear mechanic in the U.S. Navy for nine years and served on the USS Augusta, SSN 710. He has also worked as a Mechanical Maintenance Planner at the Braidwood Nuclear Generating Station and as a Technical Specialist at Embraco, providing training and technical support for HVACR contractors and technicians.

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