Embraco’s customer in Peru is the first in the country to have its freezer production 100% with R290

With the use of R290 in its commercial freezers, Frio Peru SAC achieved 40% increase in cooling capacity and 28% reduction in energy consumption for its retail customers  

The manufacturer of commercial freezers Frio Peru SAC, which operates in practically the entire Peruvian territory, decided to combine energy efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts with the use of Embraco compressors equipped with natural refrigerant gas R290 (propane). Frio Peru SAC is the first commercial refrigeration manufacturer in the country to have 100% of its production using compressors with natural refrigerant R290. The hydrocarbon does not harm the ozone layer and has no impact on global warming, in addition to improving the compressor’s energy efficiency.

With the use of R290, the system achieved an increase of approximately 40% in the cooling capacity and a reduction of 28% in the energy consumption of end users, who are mainly markets and mini-markets, that use the product for activities such as freezing of meat, manufacture of ice packs and beverage cooling. According to Juan Vélez Gauna, general manager of Frio Peru SAC, clients were extremely satisfied with the new products.

The change, combined to other commercial and marketing strategies, has brought an increase in sales of more than 127% from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, the numbers have not been closed but, even in the pandemic, the company has already sold more than in 2018.

Daring planning, excellent results

It was in 2017 that Frio Peru SAC decided for a radical change in the company’s production: migrate 100% to natural refrigerants. “This decision was motivated by the importance of sustainability combined with the efficiency gains the change would bring”, explains the general manager of Frio Peru SAC.  The Peruvian company found in Embraco, which since 2019 is part of Nidec Global Appliance, the complete portfolio and support for the project.

That year, Frio Peru SAC started to develop the first prototypes of application with Embraco compressor of Family EM2 with R290, accompanied by the advice and encouragement of Embraco´s support and sales teams. The positive results motivated the company to continue with the goal of having 100% of the production equipped with natural refrigerants. In 2018, Frio Peru SAC did an intense job, in partnership with Embraco experts, to train its professionals distributed in different regions of the country, to learn how to work with the new technology. At the same time, it amplified the number of freezers manufactured with natural refrigerants. And since 2019, 100% of the production is equipped with Embraco compressors with R290.

The increase in cooling capacity, the reduction in energy consumption and the growth in the sales volume demonstrated the correctness of the decision and the feedback of end users confirmed it. According to Frio Peru SAC executives the main benefit observed by its customers was energy savings, with the higher cooling capacity. “We have received positive comments from all regions, which clearly demonstrates the decision for compressors with R290 was assertive. We managed to guarantee more efficiency in the cooling of food and protect the environment”, declares Gauna.

“Nidec Global Appliance considers natural refrigerants to be the best alternatives to reduce the emission of gases that cause global warming and increase energy efficiency. For this reason the company directs efforts to develop innovative and sustainable products with this technology”, affirms Fábio Venâncio, Sales manager at Nidec Global Appliance, where is responsible for the Embraco portfolio for Latin America.

Tradition in innovation

Frio Peru SAC started its activities in the Independência District, in Lima, Peruvian capital, in 2006. It had innovation present since the beginning of its activities, such as the launch of colored freezers: the Magicolors Freezer, with several color options, and the Kolor, with colored bands, in addition to the Glacial, in stainless steel.

The company is also the only one in the country to use the evaporator with copper pipe in “D”, which generates better heat transfer and faster cooling. It currently has a team of 25 professionals and 120 customers, with a production capacity of 320 freezers per month, estimated to increase up to 400 next year.

About natural refrigerants

To learn more about natural refrigerants, access the webinar provided by Embraco, available on the brand’s channel at YouTube: in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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