Various Types Of Courses In Senai

[gravata]Modalities cater to both beginner and advanced levels.[/gravata]

Senai currently offers a wide range of courses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in its various units spread throughout Brazil.

Intended for young people and adults with any schooling level, the Professional Initiation courses are one of the modalities. Lasting up to 160 hours, the goal is to prepare professionals for the job market by teaching the basic skills of a profession. Courses such as Household Refrigeration and Air Conditioners, available in several cities, are also useful for professionals of refrigeration part retailers to know more deeply the activity and be able to better target their customers.

For those who already know a bit more and want to further their education, three other types of courses are available: Qualification, Improvement and Specialization. In Oscar Rodrigues Alves Senai in São Paulo, the Professional Initiation courses can be the first step in the journey to obtain full training. It’s important to keep up to date. For example, those who completed the 68 hour course ‘Maintenance Assistant in Commercial Refrigeration’ can go a little further with the course ‘Maintenance Mechanic in Commercial Refrigeration’. Then there are opportunities to go even further with Professional Development and Specialization courses.

So there are many possibilities for those who want to invest in their professional growth. And there is no denying that qualification helps to obtain better jobs and have more opportunities. Anderson Oliveira, resident of Arujá (SP), is an example. He was a Senai student between 2009 and 2011 and, after graduating, got a job opportunity. He recommends the courses for their content and concern for the profession’s practical aspects, as well as for the recognition they have in the market. “I also recommended them to my brothers, because the program is focused on what the market needs”, he says.

Demand for technicians remains strong

During WorldSkills, an international Olympiad of technical professions held in August in São Paulo, a study showing the strong demand for maintenance and installation mechanics for air conditioning and refrigeration appliances was presented. From General Employment and Unemployment Registry (Caged), Senai found that this is one of the 10 technical occupations that had more hirings than dismissals in the previous 12 months. “Qualification may reduce the risk of unemployment or, at least, reduce the time away from the labor market”, affirms the general director of Senai, Rafael Lucchesi. In addition, the Senai study shows that workers who have some vocational training courses are more easily employed.

“Professional education is the basis for inserting young people into the labor market and building a rewarding career”, says Lucchesi, which also highlights the importance of worker skills for companies, as they are now able to use and interpret new technologies and help to increase productivity.

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