EMBRACO VIDEO: Do you know how a cooling circuit works?

The refrigeration circuit presented in details. 

It is essential to know how a cooling circuit works, to be able to understand what is happening with an equipment or a system. This aids in preventing, identifying and repairing problems that may exist.

Even knowing its components and being aware of what they are for, many technicians find it difficult to view how this circuit functions.

To aid them, Embraco has produced a video available at Embraco Youtube Channel presenting in detail the cooling circuit and the changes of state of cooling fluids (evaporation and condensation) and the reasons why they occur.

Starting with the question “Do you know how a cooling Circuit works?”, the video explains the role of each of the components (see in the box at the side a summary of the function of each of them and how they behave in the system).

Check out the video below:


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Recalling the main components of the refrigeration circuit:

Compressor: it is the heart of the system. It handles the suction and compression of the cooling fluid, which allows its circulation throughout the unit.

– Condenser: it transfers the heat of the cooling fluid to the external environment.

– Evaporator: it captures the heat of the internal environment and transfers it to the cooling fluid.

– Control element (capillary tube or expansion valve): it creates restriction to the circulation of the cooling fluid, causing a great pressure differential between the condenser and the evaporator.

– Filter dryer: it retains impurities and/or humidity when they are present in the system.

– Cooling fluid: it is responsible for the change or transfer of heat between the internal and external environment 

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