Digital Refrigerator Maintenance

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[gravata]Refrigerators are becoming increasingly more technological. How do contractors follow the evolution of so much embedded technology in the system?[/gravata]

Innovations and technologies that have already changed televisions and cellular phones, have now invaded kitchens and are already present in models of high-capacity refrigerators. Also known as “smart refrigerators”, these appliances are a trend for modern kitchens and a new challenge in the contractors’ work. Nowadays, in addition to knowledge in refrigeration, these refrigerators require, from the technician, a base in information technology or electronics, since some system functions are controlled by a touch panel installed on the refrigerator door.

Much more than an ordinary refrigerator, high tech refrigerators have innovative features to facilitate the consumer’s life. In addition to the touch screen function, which makes it possible to control their operation by a touch on the display, they have USB input to connect to flash drives (memory devices that allow you to insert new food recipes to your schedule, for example). The revolutionary refrigerators also come equipped with various applications that manage the expiration date of food and help create a grocery list. It’s also possible to see on the panel family photos or recipes, digital magnets with important errands and even a calendar.

There are already models that allow making online purchases. According to the Gartner market research agency, by 2020 more than 30 billion devices and household appliances will use the Internet and the contractor needs to be prepared for this market.

Can you imagine a refrigerator that automatically controls its internal temperature and can program itself to cool desserts faster or quickly freeze drinks? Other smart features that indicate high temperature, an open door and even when to change the filter, help maintain the refrigerator working well.

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This year Embraco launched the world’s first oil-free compressor, allowing the market to take a technological leap with this new evolution. What changes in the technician’s work when faced with a compressor which eliminates the need for oil?

Besides the smaller format and new features that bring benefits including a 20% energy consumption reduction, this technology also allows installing the compressor in different positions, which enables great innovation in the refrigerators’ design.

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Electronic display: pros and cons

Some electronic displays are LED and consume less power. But, when they have a problem? Who does the consumer think about calling? The refrigeration technician or computer technician?

“The refrigeration technician doesn’t do electronic repairs, he just changes the part”, says the technician Izaias Oliveira, from Rio de Janeiro, explaining that the contractor will change the whole part that has a defect rather than trying to detect some isolated problem on the board. However, he also states that it’s necessary to have full knowledge about refrigeration to verify, without a doubt, that the defect isn’t from the refrigeration system and, therefore, may be in the electronics. While in the opinion of contractor Rafael Henrique Prediger, from the city of Lindolfo Collor, in Rio Grande do Sul, to have knowledge about information technology and electronics helps: “Even if the refrigeration technician doesn’t fix the board and only changes it, but, with a base in electronics he’ll know how to identify the defect more accurately, and more importantly, be able to identify the source of the problem”, he says.

One of the problems that can occur with touch screen refrigerators is the motherboard burning out due to constant power outages, so the best tip to pass on to the customer is to prevent this from happening. After all it’ll be less expensive to buy a power stabilizer than a new board that could cost up to R$600. The technician must be prepared to work with these different technologies given that digital refrigerators are here to stay.

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