Not Everything on the Internet is Reliable

Tons of information just a click away from you, but, evaluate carefully.

Today the Internet is the medium most used to search for any information. But it’s necessary to know how to find reliable and quality sources. Unlike a dictionary or an encyclopedia, information from the Internet isn’t organized logically and not everything is trustworthy. It’s necessary to pay attention to some tips to not go wrong. The main one is to always keep a critical mind, not accepting as true everything you find. Along with this, it’s essential to identify the source of the information. Reliable, for example, are data obtained from websites of companies in the industry, associations, universities and technical schools, government agencies and international organizations. There are also online discussion forums specialized in refrigeration. These are spaces to share doubts and experiences that can help find solutions. But sometimes the information that is there are only opinions without much technical basis. Take advantage of what the internet has to offer, carefully evaluating the information available.

Nem-Tudo-na-Internet-é-Confiavel OK

ARNOLDO COURSES: A GOOD OPTION With a strong presence in southern Brazil, Arnoldo courses have expanded, in recent years, its operations to other states. Today courses are offered at its headquarters in Porto Alegre (RS) and in the cities of Florianópolis (SC), Curitiba (PR), Campo Grande (MS), São Paulo and Riberirão Preto (SP). Offering general intensive courses, lasting a few days, the three main options are:

  • Commercial Refrigeration and Cold Chambers;
  • Split Air Conditioning Installation;
  • Split Air Conditioning Maintenance.

The company also develops a distance learning program, which reinforces its expertise to use the internet as a source of information. Also, its website has a section on Technical Tips and an open forum for technicians. More information:

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