Cross-reference of compressors: how to replace old models

With so many models of compressors for different uses, it is common that the refrigeration technician faces a great question the moment of the exchange: what is the best model to replace equipment which deteriorated? To help with this challenge, we separated the best way of finding the right corresponding model to exchange a compressor. Check it out!

Embraco Toolbox Application (cross-reference Embraco x Market)

The Embraco Toolbox is an application which facilitates the life of refrigeration professionals. It has functions such as unit converter, search of distributors and products, rule of refrigerants and problem diagnosis. 

Thereby, it is possible to inquire about models of any brand for replacement by an Embraco model, quickly. See the example below, in which we use a model of a different brand to search for the Embraco replacement: 

How to choose the correct model to replace TSB1380YJS?

Step 1: With the App open, access the cross-reference field. 

  Ferramentas de referência cruzada de compressores

Step 2: Then, type the model to be searched. In this case, we use TSB1380YJS. Next, the compatible Embraco models appear.

   Ferramentas de referência cruzada de compressores

 Step 3: Upon selecting the model required, note that its data appears.

   Ferramentas de referência cruzada de compressores

 Step 4: And on the same screen, it is possible to search for distributors of the model selected, as well as its technical list, ensuring the convenience that every refrigeration technician wishes. 

    Ferramentas de referência cruzada de compressores

Click here to download the application for Android or here to download it for iOS.

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