BIOMA silent unit: Low Noise

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager


Faster Access with BIOMA

When developing a silent product, the first goal is to separate the compressor from the condenser. In order to keep the noise emitted by the compressor ́s mechanical parts or vibration inside the compressor’s compartments, we, at Embraco, implemented various technologies to achieve this.

First of all, the product’s structure is very robust. We’ve applied a metal column which is able to absorb as much vibration as possible. When you look inside the BIOMA, all internal areas – five faces – are covered by insulation which keeps the noise inside.

To make it silent, we needed to focus on the fan itself since this component is the system’s predominant noise source. We used the latest generation of the EBM fan, which has been considerably improved in terms of the blade’s shape and angle – to capture as much air flow as possible with minimum speed. So now the fan runs at only 850 RPM, while most competitors are using fans running at no less than 1,000 RPM. And our redesigned fan diffuser channels the noise in different directions.

The combination of the compressor’s acoustic jacket (every Scroll compressor, for example, will be equipped with one) keeps the noise level of both compartments very low, resulting in the market’s most silent unit – a 3 to 6 dB reduction at 10 meters. This means that for a 3 dB decrease we’ve reduced the noise level by 2, while a 6 dB reduction means lowering the noise level by 4.

 What is the first goal at making a really silent product? Find out now!


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