BIOMA silent unit: Easy and best cleaning

David Seignoret, Business Development Manager


BIOMA silent unit: Low Noise


How do you maintain the unit as clean as possible? How does the solution speed up condenser cleaning? Let’s say: doing it twice a year – once before the season, once after.

First we select a coil appropriate for the business’ refrigeration use. We’ve seen many condensers with a large number of fins per inch, even as many as 16 – but this means that the condenser can quickly block-up. Therefore, it will consume a lot more inputs, because the compressor isn’t running in its “comfort zone”.

How do you maintain the condenser in good running condition and optimize the units’ energy efficiency? It’s very simple – fin spacing and air flow are crucial. Air flow and speed through the coil has been limited to 1.7 m/s. The current market range is between 2 and 2.5 m/s. In terms of air flow through the coil, we’re 30% to 40% below our competitors. 

When the condenser needs cleaning – Embraco’s solution? Having the condenser placed directly on the door means having full access to the condenser from inside. Cleaning it from the outside will push dirt into the coil. From the inside, you’ll push the dirt out. Cleaning becomes much more efficient. 

  • How quickly can you clean the condenser?

  • Why does the ratio of fins per inch matter?

  • What’s crucial for fast and efficient cleaning?

 Find out now!


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