5 Trends for the Refrigeration Market

Refrigeration systems are increasingly innovative and technological. In this scenario, what can we expect from the future of refrigeration?

Refrigeration is everywhere, from residential and commercial establishments to medical laboratories and hospitals. Worldwide, it is responsible for preserving beverages and food for longer periods and ensuring the conservation of medicines, vaccines, blood banks and other medical applications. Therefore, refrigeration is essential not only for maintenance, but also for quality of life.

Over the years, technological evolution has made it possible to increasingly modernize refrigeration systems.These changes happen at a fast pace and are reflected in more innovative and efficient solutions for the entire cold chain. In this context, what can we expect from the future of refrigeration? Check out 5 trends for this market.

1. Energy Efficiency

With the increase in the world population and, consequently, in the amount of refrigeration equipment needed to maintain this rate of growth, it is necessary to invest in options that provide greater energy efficiency, in order to exploit the least of the planet’s natural resources possible and reduce the environmental impact .

Therefore, options that consume less electricity become a trend, regardless of the refrigeration type. After all, the benefits can be seen everywhere, from homes to commercial refrigeration.

Variable capacity compressors, also known as VCCs or inverter technology, can be considered part of this trend. This is due to its speed control capability: when more cooling is needed, the working speed increases, but when the ideal temperature is reached, it decreases. Thus, energy consumption is reduced by 30 and 40% compared to conventional compressors.

2. Natural Refrigerants

With increasing concern about sustainability, both by the end consumer and the industry, the use of a natural refrigerant is a trend that is gaining more and more space, promoting less environmental impact and further increasing the efficiency of the systems.

An alternative to using HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), natural refrigerants do not harm the ozone layer and have almost zero impact on global warming.

3. Digital Transformation

Refrigeration is also part of the digital transformation trend. An example of this is the connection between the variable speed compressor and its application location. Through control software such as Smart Drop-In, it is possible to adjust the compressor speed in most diverse situations, including defrost, frequent opening of the refrigerator door and the need for quick temperature recovery. Among its advantages are the energy optimization of the equipment, the ease of use and the maximization of benefits that variable speed offers.

4. Size Reduction

Miniaturization is a trend that encompasses commercial establishments and homes. With smaller spaces, it is desirable that refrigerators also take up less space, which implies smaller compressors and condensing units.

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to meet this demand without losing quality and all the innovation embedded in the product. Proof of this is seen in  the Embraco compressors, which have become smaller over the years. Between 1998 and 2020, VCCs, for example, underwent a size reduction of up to 40%.

5. Noise Reduction

Another trend related to the smaller size of houses is the search for comfort through reducing the noise of appliances, so it is important that refrigerators are quieter. Furthermore, the same goes for equipment in environments, such as research laboratories and hospitals, which are naturally quieter.

For this, variable speed compressors are the ideal options. In addition to high energy efficiency, these models also offer very low noise levels. Compared to the fixed speed compressor, the variable speed compressor operates with 15 to 20% less noise.

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A pioneer in the development of variable speed and the use of natural refrigerants in compressors and condensing units, Embraco drives refrigeration all over the world, anticipating trends and developing innovative solutions for the entire cold chain to achieve a better future.

Since 1971, the Embraco brand has been a global reference in technology for domestic and commercial refrigeration, offering a broad, efficient and competitive portfolio for residential refrigerators and commercial equipment, including options for professional kitchens, supermarkets, convenience stores, displays and medical applications.

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