Why should you pay attention on Energy Efficiency?

[gravata] Understand this trend and how it affects those working in the refrigeration sector. [/gravata]

Global warming and climate change are great concerns today. Improving energy efficiency is the most cost effective and quickest solution to minimize environmental impacts caused by energy use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, 86% of the energy consumed in the world isn’t renewable, in other words, it’s found in nature in limited quantities and depletes itself with its use. Improving energy efficiency saves natural resources and saves money for people by reducing their electricity bill. Energy efficiency is, therefore, a tendency and a necessity.

Governments and organizations have worked heavily on mechanisms to reduce energy consumption. New regulations will be released in Brazil, China, USA and Europe, for example. This means that equipment manufacturers need to be attentive in order to meet the new requirements.

And contractors, what do they have to do with this?

For starters, it’s necessary to know which refrigeration and air conditioning equipment accounts for a large share of energy consumption in homes and business establishments.

Therefore, the technical assistance professional is critical in orienting customers on the best equipment options existing in the market to substitute old models. The same goes for possible gains from replacing an old compressor for another with superior performance. See below other examples of what can be done during the visit to the customer:

  • Check the conditions of the rubber seal and recommend maintenance or replacement, if necessary.
  • Make sure the thermostat is properly set for the season of the year.
  • Give tips regarding the equipment’s proper use, which will result in lower energy consumption. For example, talk about not placing hot food into the refrigerator and drying clothes behind it.

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