Where and how to find new customers?

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TEO – Sales Specialist.

In any business, one of the biggest challenges is to find new customers. The two key questions that arise are:

  • How to do this search in an organized and efficient manner?
  • How to know where potential customers are?

The answer starts with identifying where the potential customers are, which are divided into two groups: those that could be and are still not; and those who already were and are no longer. For the first group, the recommendation is to do plenty of research. Contractors can travel to the region where they operate, to see where they can offer services. It’s essential to distribute business cards or other materials in order to be contacted later. While retailers have the internet as a great option: there it’s easy to locate contractors, shops and small manufacturers. Regarding former clients, ideally look for them again, understand the reasons that led them to stop being customers and try to convince them, with consistent arguments, to resume the relationship. After identifying the target public, the next step is to define the strategy to contact them and offer your products and services. It’s best to make a script to be used in personal and telephone contacts, including topics such as:

  • Initial Greeting (good morning, good afternoon etc.);
  • Introduction (I’m so and so, I work with such and such activity etc.);
  • What  you’re offering (if possible, with a promotion to attract new customers);
  • Identify current and future customer needs.

A useful tip is to record, in writing, information of each approach that went wrong. This will help you to not repeat the same mistakes and to think about new strategies. Another important step is to become more visible on the internet, since many potential customers search there for the services and products they want. For great information on how to do this, visit the club’s website (www.clubedarefrigeracao.com.br).

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