Opportunity of revenue with personalized refrigeration projects

Every year, physical space is becoming more expensive and the cost of the rent has exercised a significant weight in company accounts.

So that commercial spaces become feasible, the plans gain increasingly smaller proportions. Thus, hospitals, hotels, bakeries, markets and offices need creativity and innovation in the interior design. The use of the space needs to be well calculated, to maintain well-being and productivity in the work environment. Following the trend, refrigeration also needs to adapt to this new reality, requiring equipment made to measure.

Personalized refrigeration projects:

To make the best use of the physical space, there arises the requirement of personalized refrigeration projects, which seek to add technical efficiency and visual harmony. These projects represent new opportunities for the refrigeration market. This type of service starts with understanding the customer’s requirement, to design exclusive parts, which fit in the environment. Each project is unique and has its particularities. Nilo André Mafra Neto of Brascook, a company which offers solutions for personalized projects of kitchens, states that in the projects executed by the company there is participation of several professionals, such as directors, production coworkers, engineers, IT professionals and refrigeration technicians. The knowledge of several areas is added together to offer the solutions which the customers need. The refrigerator is an important part of the personalized project of the kitchen, being produced in several sizes, both vertically and horizontally. The preparation of the refrigerators starts at zero, i.e., all the equipment passes by the manufacturing process. They are made with steel plates, transformed into sides, door, top and bottom. To place them in functioning, refrigeration components are used, such as compressors, condensers and electronic components (for example, digital thermoregulators and opening sensors of the doors).  In this production process, the refrigeration technician acts in defining the sizing of the refrigerators, evaluating the ratio between “good performance x low consumption”. It is also his/her responsibility to assemble the refrigeration system and improvements thereof. Nilo says that the main concerns of Brascook are: designing refrigerators which have the appropriate size which the customer requires and positioning them in areas of free circulation. Thus, they can execute the appropriate heat exchange, ensuring greater efficiency and saving.

It is time to make use of the opportunities

With the requirement of personalized projects, a promising new niche market is ready to be exploited. Certain personalized projects for small environments can include: refrigerated counters, cold storage chambers and cold storage trailers. It is the duty of the refrigeration technician to view these opportunities and be prepared to make use of the possibilities of revenue.Check what to do to enter in this market:

• Besides knowledge in refrigeration, there are cases which require hiring other professionals such as a designer responsible for the layout of the environment and the furniture. Understand all the project and, if necessary, make a partnership with architects, engineers and interior designers. Besides executing the visual project, these professionals will also be able to help to find demand;

• When increasing the volume of services, think about the possibility of having your own team, based upon the experience gained with the partnerships;

• Seek project demand in construction or works recently released. Locate the owners or future lessees and offer your services;

• Make partnerships with builders, shopping centers, business condominiums and real estate offices. They will be your indicators to obtain customers;

• Specialize in the area, through reading and courses;

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