Cold Water Depends On The Compressor

[gravata]Understand the evaporation temperature range required by the system to achieve the desired performance.[/gravata]

Even in regions with high temperatures all year round, compressors are able to provide chilled water, with suitable energy consumption and desired acoustic comfort. But for the correct compressor choice, besides considering its cooling capacity and the type of control element, it’s necessary to take note of the evaporation range that the compressor is designed to operate. Make the right choice so that your customers can stay cool all summer long.

According to Murilo Favaro, technical support specialist at Embraco, the correct choice for the compressor’s evaporation temperature range and its capacity is what will ensure its good performance. He reports that compressor operating conditions vary according to each project, but the evaporation temperature range must be between ‒15°C to 0°C for the best performance of commercial or industrial water coolers. “These are larger capacity compressors due to the quantity of water to be chilled”, he explains. “In home systems such as water purifiers, compressors operate with evaporating temperatures between ‒10°C and 0°C, these are for customers seeking energy savings and noise reduction”, he states. “When we speak of evaporation, we always have to keep in mind that the evaporation temperature is related to the system’s low line pressure, and that the pressure depends on the control element and gas charge”, he emphasizes.

Compressors can be classified according to their evaporation temperature range:

LBP (Low Back Pressure) – Low back pressure, with low evaporation temperature. Applied in systems for freezing foods such as freezers and conservators, ice cream displays and freezer island displays, as well as household refrigerators.

MBP (Medium Back Pressure) – Medium back pressure, with medium evaporation temperature. Applied in products for keeping food/beverage close to 0° C but without freezing, such as beverage or dairy displays, water purifiers and chiller island displays.

HBP (High Back Pressure) – High back pressure, with high evaporation temperature. Used for systems in which food/beverage are stored above 0°C, such as pastry displays, vending machines, and water dehumidifiers.


See the box that Embraco prepared to facilitate selecting compressors for water coolers:


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