Which are and how to make conversions using the Toolbox App

The professional who works in the refrigeration business, whether commercially or domestic, is always dealing with units of measures. They are used to quantify a physical measure, such as temperature, pressure, volume, mass, length, among others.

For this reason, knowing and understanding each one of them and knowing how to use them is fundamental for refrigerators, who need to convert data from one unit of measurement to another: for example, from Btu/h to kcal/h.

Here in this article you can check everything on the main units of measurements and you can know how to use and convert them. 

Toolbox Application facilitates unit-of-measure conversions

A very useful way to facilitate unit-of-measure conversions is to use the Toolbox app, developed by Embraco and available for free download on mobile phones running Android and iOS systems.

The Toolbox App has a tool that performs the calculation in a quick and simple way for the refrigerist, who needs this information quick during his day-to-day services.

If you have not yet downloaded the Toolbox app, you can download it here for Android and iOS.

How to make conversions using Toolbox?

It’s simple! After installing the application on your mobile phone, you will soon see the unit converter icon.










By clicking the icon, you can already see the list of all units that you want to convert. Just click on them or, if you prefer, you can customize this section with the units of measurement that you use most regularly.










In the image below, you have the mass conversion example. Simply enter the value and the result automatically appears accurately and quickly.










Finally, in the example above you saw the conversion of the unit of measure mass, but in the app you can convert:

• Cooling capacity

• Efficiency

• Length

• Pressure

• Energy

• Roughness

• Specific enthalpy

• Specific volume

• Specific entropy

• Specific thermal capacity

• Volume

• Temperature

• Thermal conductivity

• Speed

• Flow

• Kinematic viscosity

• Area

• Density

• Mass flow

• Dynamic viscosity

• Electricity

• Heating capacity


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