Understand Fullmotion compressor and inverter data

The labels on all Embraco compressors are not just there to fulfill a formality.

They’re a key element to be observed by technicians of refrigeration equipment manufacturers, retail professionals and contractors, before initiating any procedure related to the compressor.

From the various useful information contained in it, it’s possible to plan the work and especially avoid mistakes that can have serious consequences both for the compressor as well as the system in which it’s used.

For variable speed Fullmotion compressors, being attentive to the information is even more essential.

These compressors are technologically advanced, and are coupled to an inverter therefore incorrect procedures in handling and installation can cause irreversible damage, including its destruction.

It’s necessary to be attentive to the basic information that it contains:

  • Compressor model;
  • Voltage;
  • Frequency;
  • Whether it’s three-phase or not;
  • Refrigerant for which it was designed for;
  • The type of oil used and quantity.

The label indicates where the compressor was manufactured, model number, serial number and production date too. It also brings a warning about the fact that it shouldn’t be switched on without a starter (for the label below, this information is in English: No start without starting device).

On the label below, referring to a VNEK compressor, all this information is shown.


When handling a device that has an inverter, it’s also important to read the information contained on the label of this component.

It should be emphasized that, because it’s a high-tech component and very sensitive, it’s essential to study its characteristics well before carrying out any work.

On the label a lot of data can be found, starting with the compressor model that should be associated with its use.

Additionally, the voltage for which the inverter was designed (115-127V or 220-240V) and its working frequency (50/60 Hz) are specified.

Even more technical data are included here, for which more specialized knowledge is required. These include the settings of the electronic board and cable and also the box version (stand-alone or fixed).

Also other useful information is available in this small space: the manufacturer’s name, production date and location, the lot to which it belongs and the serial number.

Warnings about the risk of electric shocks and certification institute approval seals complete the broad content contained in this location.

On the label below, referring to the inverter used in a VNEK compressor, all this information can be found.


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