How should one act regarding customers’ complaints?

Dealing well with complaints and problems presented by customers is an important differential for your image and your business.

Nobody likes to hear complaints from customers. But complaints can be an important tool when trying to improve various aspects of your work. That is why it is advisable to be fully attentive to complaints received, whether related to products, services or attitudes – even when they might seem to be unjustified.

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If you ignore a complaint, you will certainly end up losing. First because you will cease to perceive the potential adjustments you could do in your daily procedures. Second, but not less important, because, when repeated complaints are not treated it might interfere in the perception of your work, keeping several potential customers away.  

So, what should be done?

– To help, we have selected certain tips of how to handle these potential complaints. Most of them were adapted from the book Uplifting Services, by the North American consultant Ron Kaufman, a specialist in training concerning service to the consumer.

– Thank the customer for calling your attention to the issue: he could simply have changed to another establishment without saying anything.

– Do not invent excuses to defend yourself. Listen carefully and understand what made him dissatisfied.

– Show that you gave importance to the complaint he made and make it clear that you intend to improve.

– Apologize for the inconvenience caused, even though you consider that the complaint is unjustified.

– Offer something to the customer, showing that you are concerned about his satisfaction and with resolving the problem. Often, only showing goodwill is sufficient to undo the bad impression which he had and that led him to complain. But changing the product, redoing the service or giving a discount in future purchases are excellent ways to aid in regaining this customer that was almost being lost.

A complaint can aid you in perceiving a problem and implementing an improvement. Therefore, try to see the dissatisfied customer as an ally!

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